M’sian waits for more than an hour for KTM during peak times in KL

RECENTLY, a Malaysian DJ opted to take the KTM train instead of driving during rush hour in an effort to experience Malaysia’s public transport system. However, the “efficient” public transport required him to wait an hour in return.

He posted about his frustration on Facebook, “I waited from before 6 pm until after 7 pm. There was no train in sight.”

The ordeal reminded him of his experience 12 years ago, where he had to wait over an hour to board a train with KTM.

“I promised myself that I would no longer use the KTM train because I was so angry. After a decade and a half, nothing seems to have changed.”

However, the DJ admitted that there were interchangeable options but explained that the KTM could head straight to his destination.

His second point was that the KTM station he was at did not display the proper train schedules, wondering if the station does not “consider infrequent KTM passengers” who are not familiar with the timings.

In his third point, he admitted to neglecting inquiring about the shift times as he wanted to use the more convenient option.

Following the traction gained online, KTM Berhad commented on his post, clarifying that the KTM route from Midvalley to Taman Wahyu was in the midst of an upgrade for their “track rehabilitation project”.

The organisation added that there had been a change in their schedule as there was only one available track for use.