M’sians choose Federal Highway for having the worst traffic

The Highway is well known for being congested no matter the time of the day, according to netizens.

THE traffic in Kuala Lumpur and some parts of the Klang Valley is no joke during peak hours. Anyone can tell you they’ve spent hours stuck in traffic (rainy days are another nightmare for traffic).

A discussion amongst netizens on X (Twitter) regarding the worst highway traffic jam sparked similar sentiments.

This topic was brought up by user Wan Afiq (@wanmafiq), when he asked which highway has the worst traffic jam when travelling to and fro from work.

Without hesitation, netizens “hands down” chose the Federal Highway, which a netizen commented that it would be “already jammed by 6.30am”.

“Federal. It was built for the jam,“ a netizen quipped.

“It has got to be the Federal Highway. It is still the same from the time the toll was built there to having no toll. The cause of the jam still remains a mystery,“ another netizen commented.

Netizens also noted that the Federal Highway can be seen still congested at 2am on certain days.

Some even have “repented” from ever entering the Highway given how bad the traffic congestion can be.

Besides the Federal Highway, the LDP (Damansara-Puchong Expressway) came in a close second along with the MEX Highway (Maju Expressway) located in the Klang Valley.

Not only that, netizens also included the Pasir Gudang Highway in Johor, with one claiming that the whole Highway becomes jammed “from all angles”.

It is no surprise that the Federal Highway was voted as the most congested during peak hours considering its connectivity between the two highly populated areas.

Besides the Federal Highway, what other highways in Malaysia would you vote for having awful traffic? Leave your thoughts.