‘Musang King’ skins and seeds selling fast abroad

PETALING JAYA: Durian skins and seeds from ‘Musang King’ and ‘Black Thorn’ breed have been reprocessed, with some imported to foreign countries, Sinar Daily-skins-seeds-selling-fast-abroad reports.

Pengkalan Hulu State Assemblyman Datuk Aznel Ibrahim reportedly said the process started two years ago to fulfill the demands of animal feed and cosmetic production in Thailand.

“I have discussed with the Veterinary Service Department on ways to generate income from the durian skins and based on the research done, they found that durian skins were suitable to be used as food for cows.

“For durian seeds, there is a high demand from Thailand and we managed to get an export permit to the country,“ he was quoted saying by Sinar Harian at Pengkalan Hulu on Sunday.