Neighbor found splashing foul-smelling liquid on TikTok user’s window

SOMETIMES one can never tell the kind of neighbours you get when you rent or buy a house. They can be the best people you have or a living nightmare.

A person’s front window of their house has been plagued with an awful stench recently due to their neighbour splashing a foul-smelling liquid on their window and grill.

TikTok user @snow_queenz_ uploaded a video sharing their story on how they discovered the mysteriously smelly window.

Initially, they assumed that the smell came from cat urine, but they noticed that it would be illogical for a cat to urinate at a window.

Later on, as the reeking smell emanated from the window, the anonymous TikTok user assumed that it could be because of a supernatural entity ‘occupying’ the space.

“After a while, I thought that either a jin or another type of spirit had stuck to the window and then I sprinkled some salt and said some prayers but the smell remained,” they recounted in their video.

The stench was so bad that the window had mold growing on the surrounding walls and they struggled for months to wash it down, but to no avail; the smell was still stuck in that area.

“The foul smell was so strong that we could not sit in the room facing that window anymore,” @snow_queenz_ added.

The anonymous person had driven up the wall with this issue and mentioned that whatever was causing the stench only occurred when they were not home. They decided to set up a camera to get to the bottom of this.

On Jan 23 and 28, @snow_queenz_ finally managed to record the source of the foul smell and found that their next-door neighbour had been splashing the stinking liquid onto their window.

“I’m not sure what kind of liquid this is but if it stinks, what else could it be?” @snow_queenz_ concluded in their video.

Netizens urged the unfortunate person to report the culprit since they have video evidence of their actions and advised them to move out if they rent the house.

They also urged the @snow_queenz_ to build a divider and also assumed that the neighbour could be practicing black magic by splashing the liquid on her window.

“If this is a rented home, move out but if you bought the house, I suggest that you put a divider and report the incident to the police and the neighbourhood safety and development committee,” a netizen advised.

“Be careful. That neighbour could be splashing water from a corpse to harm you,” another netizen said.