Netizens irked by public university student flaunting her wealth in viral video

The student’s now-deleted video sparked a discussion regarding rich students’ placements in public universities over more deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds.

A viral video recently has sparked the ire of netizens following a public university student flaunting her wealth.

In the now-deleted TikTok video, the university student was seen showing off her luxury goods while being enrolled in a public university.

While it is common to find rich students enrolled in public universities, it is a serious matter for many other students from lower income households as it is already difficult as it is to land a place in said institution without much financial assistance.

The student’s video sparked a discussion on X (Twitter) after Nadhirah (@yslnad) brought up the deleted TikTok video of the student.

“Wearing Goyard and Cartier while driving a Mini Cooper to university is crazy. How can you be that dense?” she said in her post.

Nadhirah’s post gained traction where netizens alleged that the video creator had initially “deleted the comments” calling her out for showing off her wealth at a university meant for underprivileged groups.

Besides that, many netizens also claimed that the rich students “caught” showing off their wealth are allegedly from the law faculty and pointed out that these well-off students have access to other programs not only in Malaysia but overseas as well.

But this student is one of many rich students enrolled there – as netizens recalled their student days seeing many “high end cars parked in the parking lot”.

Not only that, netizens also questioned the student’s reasoning of showing off her wealth and even her intelligence following the backlash over the deleted viral video.