New York Yankees fan turns his hot dog into a straw for his beer

Could it get any wurst? Moment Yankees fan hollows out a HOT DOG to use as a straw – before slurping down a ballpark beer with the strange contraption

  • As the Yankees were winning a game against the Mets, a fan was caught concocting the latest in drinking straw technology
  • Video showed the man poking a hole in a hot dog with a plastic straw before dunking said hot dog in his beer – and then drinking through the hot dog
  • Social media was intrigued by the fan’s actions, with reactions ranging from being impressed to being shocked 

Sometimes, there are inventions so genius that they conquer the world, change the course of humanity, and improve the lives of everyone they can. A hot dog straw is not likely to be one of those.

During Monday’s enthralling edition of the Subway Series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets, a fan was caught on camera with a hot dog and a beer being used in ways they weren’t intended.

The fan was shown with a hot dog being placed inside his beer, but not to be eaten or dunked. 

Prior to placing the hot dog in the beer, he used a plastic straw to burrow a hole down the middle of said hot dog in order to drink out of it. 

The video made the rounds on social media, with a number of fans shocked by the fan’s actions and decisions.

Social media went wild for New York Yankees fan turning his hot dog into a straw for his beer

Social media took this by storm, with the reactions wide ranging. 

This footage in various forms has been seen millions of times across Twitter, with popular Yankees accounts, sports media accounts, and even professional athletes chiming in.

Some were impressed with his ingenuity, others were less sure. 

Social media took this by storm, with some impressed and others less sure about contraption

 Social media took this by storm, with some impressed and others less sure about contraption

While the identity of the man isn’t clear, he walked home happy with a beer and a hot dog sitting nice in his stomach alongside a 4-2 win for his Yankees.

Former NBA player and media personality Rex Chapman wrote: ‘Homes hollowed out a hot dog with a straw in order to use his hot dog as a straw and I think I may hurl.’   

While another added: ‘The hot dog straw man is the boldest example of American ingenuity since Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity.’

Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant said: ‘Nah da buddy love out da glizzy is madddd crazy.’