NEWJEANS’ Minji on first Elle cover

NEWJEANS member Minji was recently chosen as the brand ambassador for Chanel, and recently did her first cover photoshoot with Elle Korea for the occasion.

The magazine also featured an interview with the 18-year-old artiste, in which she spoke about how things have changed for her since the group’s debut.

She said: “It’s really fascinating seeing different sides of myself captured in videos or photos. I think that when more time has passed and I return to look at them again, all of these things will remain as even happier memories.”

As for her thoughts on luck, Minji remarked: “I personally think of myself as someone with good luck. A lucky opportunity came to me early, and when those kinds of opportunities came my way, I tried to seize them.”

She also said that getting positive feedback from fans after a performance makes her happy, saying: “It makes me feel proud that we were able to convey our energy while actually having fun performing on stage.”