Nicola Bulley search updates: Latest as hunt for missing mother is extended to Morecambe Bay


Nicola Bulley search updates: Latest as partner of missing mother visits place where she was last seen 12 days ago – after police admit they STILL have no answers

The search for missing Nicola Bulley has been extended to the notorious sands of Morecambe Bay as police admit they still have no answers 12 days on. 

Despite police bringing in a civilian underwater forensics expert, divers have not yet found a body to back up officers’ main theory that the mother of two fell into a river while walking the family dog. 

To the police’s obvious chagrin, the expert, Peter Faulding, said yesterday that he suspects a ‘third party’ must be involved in her mystery disappearance if his high-frequency sonar proves Ms Bulley is not in the stretch of river next to which her springer spaniel, Willow, was found running loose.