No capes, no spandex

IF things had gone differently, actor Jeremy Allen White would have become yet another actor playing a superhero in spandex, but he is completely fine things did not work out.

Popularly known for his role as a chef on Hulu’s The Bear, White told British GQ that he once had a meeting for a “Marvel-y” movie that fell apart because he “had an attitude”.

“I think I played it all wrong,” he said.

The actor said he had apparently asked the executives, “Tell me why I should do your movie”.

“They were like ‘**** you’. And I was like, ‘Right on’,” White recalled.

He then claimed he was confused how nabbing superhero roles was deemed “the pinnacle of an actor’s career” in modern Hollywood, though the outlet notes that White’s stance softened in a later interview.

However, what remains resolute is that White does not regret doing what he did during the meeting.

“I played it the way I wanted to play it,” he says, further claiming that he is happier making the “US$25 million (RM116 million) drama that most actors want to make”.

White’s next appearance will be alongside Zac Efron in The Iron Claw wrestling drama.