Ohio Democrat Emilia Sykes wins competitive House race

Democrat Emilia Sykes, a four-term state lawmaker, won the election for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, according to the Associated Press, defeating Republican Madison Gesiotto Gilbert. 

The 13th district was one of the most competitive House races in Ohio, leaning slightly in President Biden’s favor during the 2020 election.


Ohio House minority leader Emilia Sykes delivers the Democrat’s response to Gov. Mike DeWine’s State of the State address at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, March 5, 2019. 
(AP Photo/Paul Vernon, File)

Sykes, whose parents both served in the state legislature, stepped down last year as leader of the Ohio House Democratic caucus to enter the race. 

“I entered this race because I believe that Ohioans deserve good-paying union jobs, affordable and quality health care, and safe communities,” Sykes said in a statement after her victory. “Today, the voters made a clear choice.”

Sykes defeated Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, an attorney and conservative commentator who was endorsed by former President Trump

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. 

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. 
(Fox News Digital)


Gesiotto Gilbert thanked her supporters during a concession speech on Tuesday evening. 

“I pray Democrats in Washington start taking our economic problems more seriously and engage in thoughtful legislating to alleviate the struggles being felt by all Americans right now,” she said in a statement. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.