Over 200 complaints lodged against insurance adjusters over false claims

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 200 complaints have been received over the past few years against insurance adjusters who allegedly submitted false claims especially involving road accidents.

Persatuan Pengguna Semboyan 1 Malaysia (Semboyan Malaysia) chairman Yusuf Azmi said that many claimants felt they had been deceived by the value given by the adjusters.

He said that even though not all adjusters were involved, some made questionable calculations for cars involved in accidents, resulting in the claim being higher than it should be.

“Due to these false claims, insurance companies suffered losses as they had to pay more. For example, the actual cost for repair work on a car involved in an accident is RM5,000, but the amount submitted by the adjuster is RM10,000. This is not right.

“The consumer was also not informed or given the full report from the insurance company to see the details of the claim, and this is unfair to the accident victim,” he said at the memorandum of cooperation (MoC) signing ceremony with DFZ Agency Sdn Bhd here today.

The MoC is to highlight DFZ Agency Sdn Bhd as an entity to assist consumers and provides insurance valuation services to those who feel manipulated by adjusters.

Yusuf said the company could also negotiate with existing adjusters to ensure transparency when dealing with insurance claims of vehicles involved in accidents.-Bernama