Owners say this Toyota is the least satisfying vehicle

With the supply shortages hitting the car industry and skyrocketing transaction prices, it seems like people will buy anything they can get their hands on these days. But there are a few models they’d rather not buy again.

The latest survey from Consumer Reports reveals the 10 least-satisfying vehicles currently on sale. Owners were asked under no specific criteria if they’d make the same purchase if given the choice today, and few cars really came up short.

The Toyota C-HR starts at $25,095.

Topping the dubious list was the Toyota C-HR, which just 29% of owners said they’d make a repeat purchase on.

The $21,640 Ford EcoSport is the only car on sale in the U.S. that's imported from India.

The $21,640 Ford EcoSport is the only car on sale in the U.S. that’s imported from India.

It was followed closely by the Ford EcoSport (30%) and Chevrolet Trax (37%), which are both direct competitors in the subcompact SUV segment.

The Korean-made $22,595 Chevrolet Trax is the brand's least expensive SUV.

The Korean-made $22,595 Chevrolet Trax is the brand’s least expensive SUV.

The Infiniti Q50 was the most disappointing luxury model on the list at 40% and the Nissan Rogue Sport rounded out the top five at 42%.


Here’s the full top 10 list:

Toyota C-HR: 29%

Ford EcoSport: 30%

Chevrolet Trax: 37%

Infiniti Q50: 40%

Nissan Rogue Sport: 42%

Infiniti QX50: 46%

Jeep Compass: 46%

Jeep Renegade: 46%

Cadillac XT4: 47%

Kia Forte: 47%