I know agony James Cracknell’s wife has lived through of losing a husband while he’s still alive 

Meg Henderson with her husband Jack before his stroke In another life, many moons ago, when I was working in Cardio-Vascular Medicine, I heard a woman talking to a doctor at her husband’s follow-up appointment.  He had had a stroke and she was suggesting, very mildly, that he was somehow ‘different’.  The doctor replied imperiously, … Read more

Luxury shoe brand is slammed for releasing kitten-heeled FLIP FLOPS that cost almost £500 

Luxury shoe brand Gianvito Rossi is slammed for releasing ‘disgraceful’ kitten-heeled FLIP FLOPS that cost almost £500 Gianvito Rossi are selling the small heeled sandals for £455 via Net-a-porter A tweet about the footwear from a New York fashion writer was met with ridicule Celebrities including Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian have worn the brand By … Read more

ICG ENTERPRISE TRUST: Private equity is often a force for good, it says

ICG ENTERPRISE: Private equity management does not have a good reputation – but this trust isn’t an asset stripper By Jeff Prestridge, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:53 BST, 6 April 2019 | Updated: 10:45 BST, 9 April 2019 Private equity management does not have a particularly good reputation, given its ruthless pursuit of profits … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Even under a Labour Government you can still make tasty profits

‘Sell everything and leave the country!’ That was the immediate response from a well-known City stockbroker to the notion of a Corbyn-led government. He is not alone. Millions of investors, large and small, are terrified by the idea of a Labour victory at the next General Election. Their fear is understandable. Labour intends to force … Read more

We’re in the grip of a diabetes epidemic, four people reveal how you can tell if you’re in danger

At crisis levels — that is how some experts describe the increase in the numbers of people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. New data published last week revealed there were more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed in England and Wales alone in 2017, the equivalent of one diagnosis every three minutes. ‘In an average … Read more

Is your man in a style rut? Give him an upgrade with some new spring essentials

If you’re like us you’ll have been busy putting together your new spring wardrobe for weeks already and with each tiny glimpse of sun, breaking out your new season looks. Even if it’s not quite warm enough yet… Fashion waits for no one am I right? But, without wishing to make sweeping generalisations, it’s likely … Read more

From avoiding a cricked back to swarms of insects to…we reveal a guide to being a healthy gardener

Research has linked being green-fingered to everything from higher vitamin D levels to lower blood pressure. And last month, a study in the journal Neurology listed gardening as one of a handful of activities that could lower the risk of dementia in old age. This is thought to be down to the combination of physical … Read more

Chanel releases new ‘playful’ side-pack that is worn over shoulders and lets a bag rest on each hip

Is this the new IT bag? Chanel releases new ‘playful’ side-pack that’s worn over both shoulders and sees a bag rest on each hip – but it will set you back £5350 Chanel’s new side-pack straps are clipped together in middle with brand’s logo Handbag comes in variety of colours, sizes and a lambskin or … Read more