Teenager with a facial birthmark reveals she’s proud of the port wine stain and never covers it

A teenager with a facial birthmark has revealed how she’s proud of her face and never feels the need to cover it, despite receiving constant abuse from strangers.  Student, Eleanor Hardie, 19, from Ascot, Berkshire, was born with a port wine stain birthmark on her face, but thanks to her parents teaching her to love … Read more

Bee careful, Charles! Prince gets to grips with hives and chickens on an organic farm 

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall took on separate duties this morning as they started their fourth day of their tour in Germany. Prince Charles, 70, visited an organic farm near Munich, meeting beekeepers and collecting more gifts for his new grandson Archie. Camilla, 71, was also in Munich where she met young women at … Read more

Hilarious headstones reveal people who took their humour to the grave

The last laugh! Hilarious headstones reveal people who took their sense of humour to the grave – including one telling visitors to ‘go away’ The series of amusing photos have been collated in picture gallery by Go Social One instructs visitors to ‘go away,’ while another apologies for ‘not getting up’ A headstone which likely belongs to … Read more

Penis enlargements do NOT work and can make it SMALLER

Penis enlargement surgery rarely works and should almost never be performed, doctors have warned. Researchers found as many as 80 per cent of men who have the ops are unhappy with the results, and many are left with ‘disfigured’ or even smaller penises. Private clinics are preying on men insecure about their bodies, one expert … Read more

Mother, 34, was diagnosed with a two-in-a-million cancer after being pregnant flared-up her symptoms

A pregnant woman was diagnosed with cancer after doctors stumbled across her tumour when her growing baby aggravated her symptoms.   Rachel Avon was forced to have her appendix removed while six months’ pregnant after developing sharp pains in her right side. While operating on what they thought was appendicitis, the surgeons discovered the now 34-year-old … Read more

Mother of murdered Gemma Hayter claims she’d still be alive if social services had stepped in

The family of a woman brutally murdered by five thugs she thought were her friends has claimed she would still be alive if social services hadn’t turned down their repeated requests for help.  Gemma Hayter, 27, who had learning difficulties, was beaten, stabbed and suffocated, and her naked and battered body was left by a … Read more

Tina Fey says she once accidentally texted Anna Wintour

Accidentally texting the wrong person can be an embarrassing nightmare — but one can only imagine how nerve-wracking it would be to mistakenly message the famously intimating editor-in-chief of Vogue. Yet Tina Fey admitted that that’s exactly what happened to her, saying she once accidentally texted Anna Wintour instead of another woman listed under the … Read more