This Morning accused of fetishing black men during interview with 60-year-old sisters on Gambia

Two sexagenarian sisters were accused of ‘fetishing black men’ today, after revealing they’ve visited Gambia 15 times in eight years to have relationships with men half their age. Speaking to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, Jackie Simpson, 63, a kitchen porter from Cleethorpes, and her sister Julie Ramsey, 61, a housekeeper, said … Read more

Woman accuses card retailer of sexism

Woman blasts ‘sexist’ cards which suggest that men buy flowers while women make sandwiches to impress their partners – but is accused of being too easily offended Natasha Hodgson from Warrington accused unnamed card retailer of sexism One card said: ‘You’re the kind of boy, I’d make a sandwich for’  She received a divided response, with … Read more

These stories prove the customer is NOT always right

The customer is NOT always right! Twitter users share horror stories about VERY bad customer behavior, from idiotic questions to infuriating complaints Twitter user @WelshDalaiLama asked others to share stories about silly, stupid, and confused customers He wrote: ‘They say “the customer is always right”. Tell me a story of a customer you’ve encountered that proves this … Read more

Health chiefs to tell hospitals how to treat a deadly fungus amid fears it is spreading globally 

Public health bosses will advise hospitals on how to cope with a deadly fungus that has become resistant to most drugs. Candida auris was first identified in 2009 and has since struck hundreds in Britain and the US, among other countries. Hospitals are now struggling to deal with the little-known fungus, prompting health officials in … Read more

Pregnant women who use marijuana for morning sickness affects part of baby’s brain linked to memory

Pregnant women who use marijuana heavily to treat morning sickness affect part of the baby’s brain associated with memory Prevalence of pregnant women using pot increased by 62% from 2002 to 2014 Researchers exposed pregnant female rats to a synthetic chemical that acts similarly to marijuana, equivalent to heavy use in humans Baby rats exposed in … Read more

More than 56,000 pounds of stuffed sandwiches recalled over plastic contamination fears

More than 56,000 pounds of stuffed sandwiches recalled over plastic contamination fears J & J Snack Foods Handhelds Corp recalled more than 56,000 pounds of pepperoni pizza and ham & cheese stuffed sandwiches Two customers allegedly found ‘semi-transparent plastic’ in the products on April 3 Packages were shipped nationwide, but it’s unclear which states are affected  … Read more

Inside Virgin Atlantic’s new Airbus A350 cabin

Virgin Atlantic has unveiled the cabin for its new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft – and it has been transformed throughout. The business class section, which Virgin Atlantic calls ‘Upper Class’, features brand new suites and a ‘social space’ called ‘The Loft’. The carrier operates bars on all its long-haul aircraft, but said that this is ‘the … Read more

We start to get lazy at just SEVEN years old

Many of us look back on our childhoods with fond memories of running through a park, playing hide-and-seek or competing in sports day. But a study suggests our activity levels begin to plummet at just seven years old. Children become lazier when they start school, regardless of whether they were active to start off with, … Read more

The ‘totally backwards’ woman died at 99 with her organs in the WRONG PLACE

A mother-of-five lived for 99 years with a ‘totally backwards’ body, doctors have revealed. Rose Marie Bentley, from Molalla in northwest Oregon, was discovered to have situs inversus with levocardia. This caused her liver, stomach and pancreas to develop on her right side rather than in their normal more ‘left’ position. Mrs Bentley was oblivious … Read more