Patrolling officer advice ‘abang-abang Honda’ not to race, says he is tired

The policeman also reminded the car drivers to also think about their loved ones.

LAW enforcement have to work round the clock to ensure the community’s safety and fight crime but at the end of the day, it is not an easy job and we must remember that they are just like the rest of us too.

A policeman on duty was seen advising car drivers to not race late at night in a slightly unconventional but relatable way.

In the viral clip posted on Facebook page DAily TRaffic REport, a police patrol car was seen making its rounds at what seems to be a residential area, and approaching the row of cars parked near a sidewalk, advising the bystanders using a megaphone.

“Dear abang-abang Honda, please do not go out racing. I am tired. Please remember your loved ones while on the road. Bye,” said the police officer in the video.

The individuals standing in the area seemed to have taken the advice well and agreed with the officer’s advice.

While the police officer’s message was amusing to a lot of netizens, many cannot help but take note of the sage advise and the officer’s friendly yet gentle tone.

“If only the police spoke to us this way, many others would respect them and willingly follow their advice,” a netizen said.

“Very wise advise. PDRM never tires of reminding us,” another netizen said.

“Such a friendly way of advising others. Good job,” a netizen chimed in.