Penny-pinching Myvi driver tailgates vehicle to avoid paying RM0.60 toll fare

All this not to pay the RM0.60 cent toll fare.

IN this latest incident of tailgating, one particular driver was willing to commit a traffic offence just to save a few cents.

A netizen called out the driver on platform X (Twitter) and captioned the video, “”Can’t afford RM0.60 cents for the toll fare?!”.

According to the dashcam footage, it showed the black colour Myvi initially driving behind their vehicle at a safe distance.

When the vehicle in front began to approach the toll booth, the Myvi swerved in attempts to tailgate the vehicle.

After trailing behind the vehicle, the Myvi car managed to skip paying the RM0.60 toll fare.

Moments before the boom gate was lowered, the Myvi quickly sped up to avoid being trapped at the toll booth.

Whether it’s RM0.60 or RM2, skipping toll fares is never the right thing to do. Plus, looking at the way the Myvi was tailgating, it could have easily been an accident.