Perth airport: Tense moment angry Emirates passengers confront a besieged worker after their flight was delayed three times in 24 hours

  • Passengers denied flights three times 
  • Emirates staff berated as anger mounts 
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There were heated exchanges at Perth airport after Emirates customers were prevented from boarding three consecutive flights, with some families waiting for 16 frustrating hours to take-off.

Tempers boiled as the would-be passengers berated the airport’s staff after missing out on boarding a plane on Sunday night having originally been scheduled to fly on Saturday night.

‘Someone needs to give us answers as to why?’ one of the furious customers demands of brow-beaten staff.

‘You know how much we have paid for this? Thousands and thousands of dollars,’ another said.

‘It is not fair.’

Bewildered Emirates staff were confronted by angry passengers who were denied three flights over a day-night period

Another staff member attempted to placate a man badgering him about getting a new flight.

‘They are going to organise and book those in the morning,’ the employee said.

‘Will we definitely get on a flight tomorrow?’ the man demands.

‘I want to be honest with you and say “yes you are” but if the same thing happens, let’s just say the aircraft broke again you would come to me and say “you promised me”,’ the staffer replies.

Another passenger is far from satisfied with this answer.

‘How can you keep doing it to the same passengers?’ they ask.

‘Emirates have a good name and everybody is saying Emirates have never had a problem like this. Why the same passengers for three flights?’

‘I totally understand your frustration and anger,’ the staff member relies.

‘Dubai have said they are not going to send people without food and water.’

Emirates headquarters is in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. 

Saturday’s original flight was fully boarded but could not take-off because of a technical issue.

After waiting in the plane for three hours passengers were told to disembark because the delay had timed out the crew’s shifts.

They were assured there would be a  replacement plane the next morning.

Furious customers demanded a guarantee that they would be finally able fly to their destination

Furious customers demanded a guarantee that they would be finally able fly to their destination

However, after making the second trek out to the airport on Sunday they learnt that flight had also been cancelled – but were told that if they waited long enough, they could board another in the evening.

Despite seeing newcomers getting on board, grounded customers were told they would have to stay behind once again because there wasn’t enough catering for them. 

Perhaps a little surprisingly when Perth radio station 6PR posted some of Sunday night’s tense airport exchanges on its website, those commenting had more sympathy with the harassed employees.

‘Really felt sad for the poor staff that had to cop all the abuse and where were the Emirates senior management,’ one person said.

‘Get a grip it is what it is. Poor bloody staff can’t do a thing about it,’ another commented.

Emirates has been contacted for comment.