Popular bikes sold at Big W are urgently recalled ahead of Christmas

A popular bike model sold at Big W has been recalled due to a fault in the item that could cause the front wheels to fall off. 

Around 38 models of the Avanti, Malvern Star, Raleigh and Diamondback bicycles  which were sold at several independent bicycle retailers were ordered to be pulled from shelves on Monday. 

A Mason 27.5 Diamondback bike which was sold at Big W stores has been affected due to the issue. 

The ACCC issued the notice after the competition regulator was notified by major bike supplier Sheppard Cycles that the front wheels had not been correctly fitted onto the product. 

‘These bicycles don’t comply with the mandatory standard for bicycles,’ the recall notice said. 

‘The front wheels may become loose and fall out if the quick release (QR) skewer is not installed and tightened correctly.’ 

A popular bike sold at major retailer Big  W has been recalled due to a safety issue on the front wheels of the product (pictured stock image)

The Mason 27.5 Diamondback bike was sold at Big W stores in Australia and online from July 1, 2014 through to November 16, 2023. 

The Avanti Giro F24, Malvern Star Attitude 20, and the Raleigh Eliminator 20 models have also been impacted by the recall. 

Consumers have been told to stop using the bike and contact Sheppard Cycles to have the skewer replaced. 

Shoppers who bought the bike at Big W will be sent a replacement skewer directly or can have replaced at their nearest independent bike retailer.

38 models of the bike (pictured)  have been ordered to be pulled form shelves due to the issue

38 models of the bike (pictured)  have been ordered to be pulled form shelves due to the issue

A spokesperson from Sheppard Cycles told Daily Mail Australia that the recall has been issued due to the risk of injury from the issue. 

‘Sheppard Cycles Australia (SCA) recently identified a potential safety issue in relation to a range of Avanti, Malvern Star, Raleigh, and Diamondback bicycle models, the spokesperson said. 

‘Following comprehensive testing, we took the precautionary measure of recalling the below models as specified because the front wheel can become loose if the quick-release lever is not installed and tightened correctly, posing a risk of accident and serious injury if the front wheel becomes loose or falls out while in motion.’ 

The company urged anyone who has the Avanti, Malvern Star, and Raleigh bicycle model to contact them to have the replacement skewer installed free of charge by a local independent bike retailer. 

Customers who have bought the  Diamondback Mason model which was sold through Big W stores have also been told to contact the company to have a replacement skewer sent to them directly.