Program organiser slammed for allegedly tricking students with bread, water put in fast food packaging

FAST FOOD remains a universal joy for a child and even adults as it is at times considered a special treat amongst Malaysians.

Naturally, one would be ecstatic at receiving such a delicious treat but not for this school student after discovering some dissapointing contents after opening the fast food packaging.

A school teacher Abdul Muiez shared on Facebook that a parent told him of the incident, following their child’s participation in a state level program, said to be hosted by the state education department.

The school children who attended the program were anticipating some fried chicken as indicated on the fast food packaging, just to find an abysmal offering of a bun and a bottle of mineral water.

“One of the children who went there told me that a student’s expression changed so much after opening the box. They looked so excited before that.

“Do not give false hope to children. Hopefully, the organisers would be more considerate after this,” the parent said to Muiez.

This gets even worse after the parent also told Mueiz that the children had been allegedly deceived twice by the organiser, receiving the same thing wrapped in a paper bag with the fast food logo.

The school teacher even took the extra effort of contacting the person-in-charge to get to the bottom of the matter but was left ignored.

“I sent a message to the person-in-charge (PIC) as stated in the department letter. I only got a ‘bluetick’ (read) in response,” Mueiz added.

Netizens were understandably enraged by the organiser’s trickery, dashing the hopes of the young ones who wanted to just enjoy some delicious fast food and also wondered why would the organiser go that far in packing the food in such packaging.