Protests in Peru: All Malaysians are safe

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian embassy in Peru said it was closely monitoring the latest development in the South American nation, adding that no Malaysians were affected in the current protests which was taking place in certain parts of the country including in the capital city of Lima.

The embassy said it has its contingency plan in place in view of the current situation and was monitoring from all perspectives in case the activation of its contingency plan was required.

“As of date, all Malaysians in Peru are safe and the Embassy of Malaysia has been in touch with them from time to time.

“Malaysians in Peru are advised to be vigilant, avoid areas affected by demonstrations and protests and follow the advice of the local authorities as well as monitor local media for updates,“ said the embassy in a reply statement to Bernama.

Protests against Peru’s President Dina Boluarte gripped the South American nation since leftist former President Pedro Castillo was removed from office in December and detained after he tried to illegally dissolve Congress.

Castillo was replaced as president by Boluarte, who was vice president.

Peru’s police said on Tuesday it had dispersed protesters who were approaching Jorge Chavez International Airport near the capital city of Lima, as protests in the capital sparked fear of new flight suspensions.

Commenting further, the embassy said at press time, protests were still continuing in certain parts of Lima, especially in downtown, and other cities in Peru.

It added there were currently 30 Malaysians registered with the Embassy of Malaysia in Peru, comprising various professionals including Home-Based officials of the Embassy, doctors and businessmen.

In case of emergency, Malaysians in Peru are advised to contact the Embassy at (511) 422 0297, (511) 441 1939 and (511) 441 0795 (during office hours), and (+51) 9898 627 35 (after office hours) or email:[email protected]. -Bernama