Rep. Byron Donalds: Left got caught trying to divide our country through schools

Parents across the U.S. have taken a more assertive role when it comes to the curriculum being offered to their children in public schools. Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night to discuss the trend. 


REP. BYRON DONALDS: “The left got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They’re the ones that spilt the milkshake on the table and tried to act like they didn’t spill it themselves. And parents are waking up to this they have realized that what they want to do unfortunately is weaponized our children against American society. This type of division doesn’t help our children succeed it doesn’t help our children succeed so when [CNN’s] Brianna Keilar and other people on the left get confronted with the evidence of what’s happening in our schools they can do nothing else but try to backtrack and blame other people. But the fault is theirs because they got caught trying to divide our country and that does not that’s not what’s best for America.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: “Well, the Tampa Bay Times smeared concerned parents this week as activists who were trying to use the term critical race theory as a catchall to describe a broad set of practices aimed at focusing public schools on the needs for a diverse student body. Among their targets are programs that encourage equity and anti-racism and work to reduce unconscious bias in the classroom.  Congressman, this is the media’s convenient framing so the parents who are saying no we want real education they’re the radicals and the CRT experts, the pushers of all this division are the normal people. OK.”

DONALDS: “Absolutely correct, the Tampa Bay Times and media outlets like that, what they really want is to support the radical left in their agenda, which is frankly to unwind our entire country and our entire society and they’re not comfortable with they’re not happy with just winning a political fight or winning a political election they want to distill it down to our kids. What parents want more than anything else is for their children to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. They want to learn history so their children are empowered to take over the country that will be left to them. But if we let radical leftists and newspaper organizations and media organizations divide our country there’ll be nothing left for them to take over. Our nation is great. People can come here and thrive and prosper and make the best of their lives as they see fit. But we can never survive this rank division that the radical left wants to bring in the form of critical race theory. That’s why it should not be taught. It’s elements should not be in textbooks people should be free to learn our history, learn all our history but not but be prepared to lead America going forward not divide America going forward.”