RM 10.60 for chilli sauce packs, netizens appalled

REGARDLESS of whether the things are packets of sugar, salt, or even chilli sauce, Malaysians and free goods have a lasting love affair. This consumer, however, had a different experience and was required to pay RM 10.60 for 10 packets of chilli sauce.

Saiful, the customer, posted on Facebook to express his shock at being charged RM10.60 for 10 packets of chilli sauce at a well-known fast food restaurant in Melaka.

Saiful wrote, “Life is getting harder!” in response to the unexpected expenditure, expressing his shock at it.

The post soon garnered popularity online as netizens commented with their opinions. “Did he order from a machine or what?” Insinuating it could be an AI error.

While, another user jokingly said, “Why go to McDonald’s just to buy 10 packets of chilli sauce?”

As usual, Mydin Malaysia also chimed in on the humour by sharing images of their chilli sauces on their official page along with the sly caption “Why pay RM10 for a small packet of chilli sauce when you can get bottled chilli sauce (340g) for less than RM5”.

Let us know, would you be willing to pay RM 10.60 for 10 chilli sauce packets?