Road, infrastructure upgrades can help improve safety, wellbeing of people in Johor

JOHOR BAHRU: The national Budget 2024 proves the government’s commitment to improving the safety and well-being of the people as quite significant allocations were announced for the enhancement and upgrading of roads and infrastructure, including those in the state.

Johor Works, Transport, and Infrastructure Committee chairman Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Salleh (pix) said the allocation for the Malaysian Road Records Information System (MARRIS) amounting to RM5.4 billion, which will be channelled to the state government, will help Johor continue and expedite the repair works on roads that are in bad conditions.

“We all know that many roads need repairs and maintenance…but previous allocations had not been able to cover all the necessary repairs, but with the RM5.4 billion allocation, we will be able to improve the state’s roads,” he said in a recent interview with Bernama.

Furthermore, he said the RM2.8 billion allocation set aside for federal road and bridge maintenance next year, with RM300 million specifically earmarked for contractors in classes G1 to G4, will also provide ample employment opportunities and projects for local contractors in line with the state’s aspiration to assist local contractors.

He said that the increase in the allocation to RM200,000 from RM100,000 previously for district engineers, involving a total allocation of RM30 million, will enable many maintenance issues in the district to be resolved.

Regarding street lighting, Mohamad Fazli said the RM100 million allocated for streetlight maintenance, including transitioning to LED lighting, not only saves on electricity but also supports green technology efforts.

“Additionally, the RM50 million allocation for restoration of accident-prone areas, including upgrading existing traffic lights to smart traffic lights on federal roads, is highly appropriate to ensure that road safety is prioritised in line with the goal of reducing road accidents, as road accidents continue to contribute to high mortality rates.

“I hope that with the announcement of allocations under the 2024 Budget, many developments and projects can be implemented as soon as possible, and I hope they can address many issues for the people.

“May the people of Johor benefit from these projects in terms of safety, well-being, and economic development,” he said. –Bernama