Route change leaves Kajang residents in a fix

KUALA LUMPUR: Residents of Taman Kajang Utama who commute to KTM Kajang 2 and Bangi via Jalan Reko have raised concerns about their safety and the ongoing road works following the development of the KTM Kajang 2.

MIC Taman Kajang Utama chairman S.M. Kathirvelu told theSun residents have been facing inconvenience since the KTM Kajang 2 station was built.

“People are making illegal turns and several accidents have occurred. Initially, there was a two-way road in front of the KTM Kajang 2 station. However, since the KTM station opened recently, the two roads were merged into a two-lane one-way road – one leading to KTM Kajang 2 and the other to Kajang Utama.

“People who want to exit the KTM station have to take a longer route that stretches 7km compared with the previous route, which was 500m. There have already been six accidents within a week involving motorcycles, cars and a lorry, in which three people were hospitalised.

“The cause of these accidents is due to the illegal turns to the right, left and U-turns because road users refuse to take the longer route and opt for shortcuts, which can cost them their lives,” he said.

Umno Taman Kajang Utama chairman Ibrahim Martibi shared Kathirvelu’s concern and said: “I have been a resident in Taman Kajang Utama for almost 29 years and this is the second issue we are having regarding road works.

“The first issue was only resolved four years ago after we complained that we were forced to take a longer route to get to Jalan Reko. Hence, a flyover was built. Now we are facing a similar issue and have to travel farther to Bangi, Kajang town and schools,” he added.

Balaraman Rajendran, 47, who lives at Taman Kajang Utama, said residents have been using the route for years. However, after the development of KTM Kajang 2, there has been a lot of confusion about the roads, especially for those who are not aware of the new route changes.

“This road has been a two-way road for years but now it has been converted into a two-lane one-way road, which is confusing many road users. A a result, some are making illegal turns, which are causing accidents.”

Meanwhile, Bamachelvi Balasubra-maniam, 59, another resident of Taman Kajang Utama, said the signage is also inadequate.

“We have just seen at least 10 cars making illegal turns towards Jalan Reko as the route leading to Semenyih is longer,” she said.

MIC secretary Parameswaran Subra-maniam said the residents are not against the development of the area. But it should be a win-win situation for both parties – the developer and residents.

“Development of the area should ensure convenience for the residents, providing them with easier access. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

“Metro Kajang Holdings Berhad (MKH), that built the KTM Kajang 2 station and changed the route, should make improvements to ensure the safety of the public and motorists,” he said.

MKH has yet to respond to request for comment after theSun contacted it more than a week ago.