Russia remains stable grain supplier, fulfills all contract obligations

MOSCOW: Russia remains a stable grain supplier and do not use grain exports to make importers dependent on it, reported Sputnik, quoting Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday.

Peskov was commenting on EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s remarks alleging that Russia supplies cheap grain to developing countries to make them dependent.

Media has reported that Borrell had sent a letter to developing countries and G20 members, urging them to express a united position on the Black Sea Grain Initiative. The EU official stated that Russia wanted to supply grain to developing nations to make them dependent on Moscow.

“It is absolutely not true. Russia has always been and is a reliable supporter even with existing issues. It will remain (a reliable supplier), Russia is fulfilling all its obligations. And it could be doing more to meet growing demand if it were not for illegal sanctions that we have to face,“ Peskov told reporters, commenting on Borrell’s statement.-Bernama