School teacher has ‘headache’ marking exam questions filled with answers referring to TikTok trend

Kids are getting more ‘creative’ with their answers these days.

WORKING as a teacher can come with many hurdles especially in getting to know their students and grading their assignments, combined with the fact that most students imitate what they see on social media.

A primary school teacher found some unusual answers while marking his students’ exam papers, influenced by the latest catchphrase on social media.

The teacher, Muaz Samad shared in a TikTok video the student’s answers for an assignment, just marked as ‘sebab boleh’ (translation: Because I can) in all three answer slots, in reference to the catchphrase ‘Sebab boleh, dik’ (Because I can, kid) going viral on TikTok.

“The question for the exam was why were highways built in Malaysia? All the student could answer was ‘sebab boleh’ — such a headache,” Muaz said in his video.

Muaz also mentioned that he was thankful that the student did not add the word ‘dik’ in ‘Sebab boleh’, which could have made the already bad situation even worse.

Netizens also echoed the teacher’s sentiment and were shocked at the student’s answers while some related to his experience encountering similarly bizzare answers while marking assignments or exam papers.

“This seems funny but quite sad at the same time,” a netizen remarked.

“Being a teacher is so challenging these days. Stay strong, teacher,” a netizen commented.

“Even when I simply answered (not understanding the question), it was not this bad,” a netizen remarked.