Selfless janitor donates two dialysis machines worth RM80,000

KINDNESS, selflessness and empathy make the world go round and bearable to live in, providing hope to others and hopefully seeing such acts will encourage them to be better people for the progress of society.

A kind janitor working at a dialysis centre had recently donated two dialysis machines to his place of employment.

The janitor, known as Kalipulizan (pix), had approached real estate consultant Izhar Azimat who shared his encounter on Facebook and said he wanted to sell off two plots of land a year ago.

Izhar then asked Kalipulizan, or Kali, what he planned to do with the profits from selling his land plots. Kali mentioned that he wanted to buy two dialysis machines worth RM80,000 to donate to the dialysis centre he works at.

One may believe that someone in his position may want to use the money to upgrade one’s life, but Kali, who is in his 50s, chose the noble act of giving back to society.

“Last year, Kali came to me to sell off his lands. He had actually been meaning to donate the two dialysis machines before selling the plots of land however, he still managed to sell it eventually.

“Kali is a special man even though he is just a cleaner. In any ordinary circumstances, people like him would want to fulfill many needs in their life but he chose to put others first before himself,” Izhar told mStar in an interview.

Both plots of land were sold for six figures.

Izhar added that the Perlis native lives a simple lifestyle and with a humble demeanour.

“He is a simple man. He drives a motorycle and does not own a car. He rides the motorcycle for his daily errands and as transportation to his workplace.

“I did voice out a suggestion to use the land profits to buy a car, eventhough it is second hand so that it is easier to commute from work.

“His response to that is very simple as well. ‘I can still use the motorcycle even when it rains because I can just use a raincoat’,” he clarified.

Despite managing to sell the land for a lavish sum, Kali had never forgotten his main source of income as he remains employed at the dialysis centre.

“He shared the picture of the machines he donated during the afternoon. I found out on the same night that he is still working there.

“To me, he is a great person. He not only used a big percentage from his lands’ profits for the benefit of society but he still insisted on working,” Izhar added.

The real estate consultant also revealed why Kali willingly made such a significant contribution.

“Kali said that he had worked at the dialysis centre for so long and throughout that period of time, he saw many people undergoing treatment there, no matter whether they were young or old.

“Seeing those patients moved him and he was determined to contribute the dialysis machines for everyone to use. Alhamdullilah, his wish has finally been granted,” Izhar explained.