Shark closes in on spear fishermen near Forster on NSW mid-north-coast

Heartstopping moment shark stalks three spear fishermen who are trapped against rocks at a popular beach – as panicked beachgoers swim for their lives when the alarm is raised

  • A shark was spotted swimming underneath fishermen
  • The frightening encounter occurred near Forster in NSW

The terrifying moment three spear fishermen were stalked by a shark at a popular beach has been captured on drone camera. 

Footage shows the grey nurse shark moving directly past swimmers and towards three men wearing black wetsuits at a beach near Forster on the NSW mid-north-coast on Sunday.

Lifeguards sounded the alarm by blowing a whistle to alert beach-goers.

Moments later, panicked swimmers could be seen rushing out of the water, but the spear fishermen were stranded near rocks and did not have a clear path to escape.

Drone camera operator Emily Howman said she felt helpless as she was unable to warn the fishermen.

‘I can’t do anything from up with my drone,’ she told Nine News.

‘I couldn’t even warn them.’

‘There’s no audio, so it was abject fear that something bad would happen and all I would be able to do was watch.’ 

The predator swims straight underneath the fishermen, who appeared to be unaware of its presence.

They eventually spot the shark after it glides past and one man can be seen splashing as he tries to flee.

A shark has been caught swimming directly underneath three spear fishermen near Forster on the NSW mid-north-coast

Swimmers rushed out of the water as the shark swam past and headed towards the group of spear fishermen

Swimmers rushed out of the water as the shark swam past and headed towards the group of spear fishermen 

The men frantically swim back to shore.

One of the fishermen loses a flipper during the chaos.

He boldly dives back into the ocean to retrieve it as the shark circles around the rocks. 

Luckily for the men, it appeared the shark was uninterested in them as it eventually swam away.