Sri Lanka earns US$800m from tourism in January-July

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka received over 750,000 tourists and earned foreign exchange revenue amounting to US$800 million during the first seven months of this year, according to a statement from the President’s Media Division (PMD) on Tuesday.

Quoting State Minister of Tourism Diana Gamage, the PMD said this accomplishment played a crucial role in bolstering Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves, Xinhua reported.

The PMD said the state minister emphasised the importance of introducing new approaches and adopting innovative strategies to enhance the tourism industry.

“Last year, the tourism business had fallen into a very sad situation. Tourists did not make Sri Lanka a tourist destination due to the economic crisis and struggle in the country,“ Gamage said.

The Sri Lankan tourism industry has made a comeback in 2023, aiming to attract 2 million visitors this year, compared to the previous target of 1.5 million. –Bernama