Stylish headscarves for Hari Raya

AS Hari Raya Aidilfitri approaches, there is no shortage of online businesses and retail shops selling the colourful headscarves, or “tudung” in Malay, and we bet you would be spoilt for choices.

In Malaysia, there are many headscarf designers creating beautiful designs, but designer Amira Salehin creates stunning hand-drawn designs that can elevate your style.

A trained architect, Amira draws lovely flowers and plants, and the designs are transformed into her exclusive headscarves.

For the upcoming celebration, Amira came up with her latest collection for Hari Raya, titled Foliage, on her Instagram page, @amiwabisabi. So, we decided to approach Amira to talk about her latest collection.

What inspired your new tudung collection?

“The Foliage Collection shows off botanical motifs inspired by vintage sketches of foliage and flowers. Heavily inspired by works of renowned vintage artists such as William Morris. The tudung takes on ideas of repetition from some of his works

“The material is premium silk satin. It comes in four exclusive colours. As it’s for Raya, a mix of bold and pastel colours was chosen this year to suit several Raya themes.”

What is special about the tudung you are making this year?

“It shows off my signature florals in a sketch-drawing style. It’s also the first time we are printing the tudung on this premium silk satin material. Not to mention, actress Zara Zya has become our ambassador.”

What were the challenges that you faced when making tudung?

“Designing something new collection is never easy, especially when you are busy with a lot of other things. I work full-time, and at that time I was designing the collection, I was pregnant, so I got tired pretty quickly.

“As for the design, I already had a style in mind, so I took a lot of time to gather inspiration from books and the internet. It took a bit more time to put everything together and get it just right.”

Who is your target market?

“Young adults, both local and foreign, especially those, who love unique motifs and art.”

What has the feedback been so far?

“It’s been great! I have been loving the amount of love I have received and hope it will continue to do well with this collection and future ones.”

Where can our readers purchase your tudung?

“Visit and search for Amiwabisabi!”