‘Sushi terrorism’ horrified Japanese Internet

RECENTLY, a video involving a Japanese man fondling a soy sauce bottle and a cup, while licking sushi as it travels on the conveyor belt at a Japanese restaurant went viral on social media.

The video which garnered over 22 million views, has terrorised the Japanese Internet as social media users termed the incident as “sushi terrorism”.

Meawhile, in a separate incident at the chain Hamazushi, a customer dropped wasabi on another patron’s sushi as it passed by their table.

The videos have caused outrage across social media users.

One Instagram user said, “Not only disrespectful, it can also cause damage to those with allergies !”

“I sincerely hope this establishment pursues legal action,“ said another.

Following the incident, Food & Life Companies Ltd., the parent company of Sushiro, has told Mainichi Shimbun that it will work with law enforcement to find the suspects and pursue both criminal and civil charges.

We have implemented thorough disinfection and disposal of soy sauce bottles in the store where the incident apparently occurred. We’d like to consult with police after conducting a thorough internal investigation,” the restaurant chain reportedly said in a statement.

Watch this video of ‘sushi terrorism’ in Japan: