Switch Gas and Electricity – Should You Swap Gas and Electricity Supplier?

It is becoming evermore popular for people to switch gas and electricity supplier in order to get themselves the best deal possible on their utilities. I am sure that if you are anything like me you do not want to hand over your hard earned cash to these massive energy companies.

Only this week were further reports on the news of wholesale energy prices going down yet the companies have not passed these savings on to their customers. Even people who have been with a supplier 20 plus years are finding their loyalty and patience tested with ever more exorbitant bills.

Swapping gas and electricity supplier is a great way to save you a load of cash really easily. If you have been with your current supplier any length of time it is worth checking how your tariff compares to what else is on the Market. If you are still with the old ‘gas board’ supplier for your region it is highly likely you pay more than you need to.

Its very easy to Switch gas and electricity supplier. Simply contact the company you wish to move to via telephone, email, letter or how I find easiest – online, and they will sort the whole thing out for you. They contact your existing supplier, let them know you are going to change and in 4-6 weeks you will be swapped over.

Don’t worry! When you switch you do not need new pipes, wires or metres. The only thing that changes is the logo on your bill – and a cheaper price at the bottom! Really couldn’t be easier! Let go of that false sense of loyalty, look after your self and your own financial future.

Price comparison sites are a great way to do this, making the process really simple and fast. Simply enter your details of where you live, how much you pay and they will show you where you should you should switch gas and electricity to for the best deal in your area. You could literally make yourself £300 for 5 minutes work! The best place I have found to do this is a website called energylinx. As they focus on only gas and electricity I have always found them to come up with the best price. You can get a link to their site at my website here: Switch Gas and Electricity [http://kahunas-quality-reviews.com]