The pesticides in your Pinot Grigio: Study reveals more than HALF of wines sold on the British high street contain toxic chemicals – so, is your favourite bottle affected?

SIX PESTICIDES  – Feteasca Regala (Romania)   FIVE PESTICIDES – Mimo Moutinho Red Blend (Portugal)  – Marks & Spencer Malbec (France)  – Sainsbury’s Gavi White Wine (Italy)   FOUR PESTICIDES – Valdo Prosecco Rose (Italy)  – Myton Hill Pinot Grigio White Wine (Moldova)   THREE PESTICIDES – La Vieille Ferme Red Wine (France)  – Sainsbury’s Pinot Grigio Trentino … Read more

Fab fizz for under £25

By Charlotte Kristensen For You Magazine Published: 12:01 GMT, 2 December 2023 | Updated: 12:01 GMT, 2 December 2023 ’Tis the season to sparkle, darlings! For me, nothing ignites the festive feelings like a bottle of bubbles paired with cheery chums and Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. Stash a couple of bottles in the fridge for … Read more

I did a Zoom job interview with Aldi Australia and they asked me to do sit-ups and star jumps to prove my fitness

By Louise Allingham For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:25 GMT, 6 December 2023 | Updated: 00:40 GMT, 7 December 2023 An Australian job seeker was baffled by some unusual demands made in an interview with Aldi – but others believe the employers’ request was reasonable. An ‘over-zealous manager’ requested the female interviewee do push ups, sit … Read more

Aldi Australia drops budget range of In The Roundhouse dinnerware dupes – and shoppers are obsessed

By Louise Allingham For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:35 GMT, 8 December 2023 | Updated: 02:35 GMT, 8 December 2023 Australian shoppers are rushing to Aldi to get their hands on a range of homewares that looks like a designer brand.  The retailer released a line of dinnerware customers are saying bears a striking resemblance … Read more

Judge is invited to take a ‘taste test’ of rival ciders in High Court dispute between Aldi and Thatchers

German retailer denies ‘passing off’ its Taurus cider product, launched in 2022 By Ryan Prosser Published: 00:36 GMT, 24 November 2023 | Updated: 03:59 GMT, 24 November 2023 A judge has been invited to take a ‘taste test’ of rival cider drinks in a High Court trade mark dispute between family firm Thatchers and German … Read more

Walkers fans devastated after popular Wotsit flavour is quietly AXED

Sizzling steak crisp has disappeared from shelves having been discontinued   By Gemma Parry Published: 20:58 GMT, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 21:17 GMT, 21 November 2023 Crisp fans have been left devastated after Walkers quietly axed one of its most popular flavours of Wotsits.  The brands sizzling steak crisps have disappeared from the shelves having … Read more

Champagne from Aldi and Co-Op ranked top in Christmas taste tests leaving high-end competitors feeling flat

Champagnes from Co-op and Aldi have beaten a prestige brand at double price  By Sean Poulter Published: 02:18 GMT, 18 November 2023 | Updated: 13:09 GMT, 18 November 2023 Famous champagne houses will be feeling flat this Christmas as budget supermarket fizz has come out on top in taste tests. Champagnes from Co-op and Aldi … Read more

Aldi is opening UK’s first ever bottomless pigs in blankets restaurant (and entry is only £5)

By Madison Burgess Published: 16:31 GMT, 14 November 2023 | Updated: 16:46 GMT, 14 November 2023 Pigs in blankets are a festive favourite for a lot of Britons and a staple for traditional Christmas dinners. Have you ever wondered how many of the bite sized pork snacks could you eat in one sitting? Well, now you … Read more

These are the cheap things I buy that actually do an amazing job – even better than name brands

Australians are sharing the cheap buys they prefer over more expensive brands.  As increased inflation rates continue to put pressure on more Aussie households, shoppers are opting not to splash their cash on expensive products and are finding the budget alternatives work just as well or better.  Dozens shared their best cheap buys from $12 … Read more

Cadbury fans who are still mourning a discontinued favourite rejoice as Costco shoppers find an alternative

By Madison Burgess Published: 13:41 GMT, 7 November 2023 | Updated: 13:51 GMT, 7 November 2023 There are few things more frustrating than one of your favourite sweet treats being pulled from the shelves.  And some Cadbury fans have been left in the cold for years after their favourite snack was discontinued across the UK.  Cadbury … Read more

Aldi Australia drops range of ‘fakeaway’ budget meals starting from 99c to combat cost of living surge

By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia Published: 15:21 BST, 27 September 2023 | Updated: 15:21 BST, 27 September 2023 Aldi Australia has launched a new range of budget meals and sides to save shoppers from hefty takeaway bills and hours of standing over a stove. The retail giant’s newly-dropped range of ‘fakeaway’ no-fuss dinners … Read more

Aldi announces plans to open stores in 22 new locations – so is your town on the list?

Aldi announces plans to open stores in 22 new locations – so is your town on the list? Aldi plan to build new stores in as many as 22 new places with £1.4bn investment By Oliver Price Published: 13:05 BST, 27 September 2023 | Updated: 15:15 BST, 27 September 2023 Supermarket chain Aldi has revealed the … Read more