Apple’s 2021 iMac could be released in five colors inspired by its 1998 G3 model

Apple could unveil its 2021 iMac in five different colors inspired by the tech giant’s iconic 1998 bulbous computer that saved it from bankruptcy Apple is set to release a new iMac this year that could come in five colors  A leaker shared renders showing a redesigned computer system  The color options include silver, space … Read more

US Navy tests orbiting solar panel that could one day beam power anywhere on Earth

A pizza box sized solar panel in orbit is producing enough electricity to power an iPad, according to a succesful test of the technology by the US Navy.  The Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) was launched in May 2020 attached to a drone that loops around the Earth every 90 minutes and is designed to harness … Read more

Boy, 7, spends £1,200 on online games through Apple

A mother-of-two has accused Apple of ‘enabling’ children to spend money online after her seven-year-old son racked up a four figure bill on games.  Abi Smith received a string of emails confirming her son Harry had made more than 60 in-app purchases totalling £1,218 without her permission. She had installed a password on Harry’s iPad but … Read more

Keeping your camera on during a one hour Zoom meeting emits 1,000 grams of CO2, study reveals 

If you hate showing your face while videoconferencing, just claim you want to save the environment. A new study indicates turning off your camera during an hour-long Zoom session can save up to three gallons of water and an area of land about the size of an iPad Mini. Streaming Hulu or Netflix on standard … Read more

Apple’s $549 AirPod Max headphones mocked on social media

Apple unveiled the new AirPods Max on Tuesday, and while some fans have been eagerly awaiting the wireless over-ear headphones, it seems that most people are stuck on the staggering $549 price tag.   The new headphones have plenty of features, including noise-cancelling technology, spatial audio, and ‘adaptive EQ,’ an d also come in five colors. … Read more

Three-year-old girl throws a tantrum over Siri

‘Siri, that’s NOT Tiktok!’ Three-year-old girl has hilarious tantrum when virtual assistant keeps misunderstanding her Andy and Hayley Summers from Norfolk filmed their daughter Mia with Siri  The three-year-old child became riled up while trying to operate Siri on her iPad The youngster was trying to instruct Siri to play TikTok videos on her iPad … Read more

Little man cave! Mother finds her son chilling inside a kitchen cabinet with his iPad and snacks

Little man cave! Mother finds her son chilling inside a kitchen cabinet with his iPad, snacks and blanket Two-year-old Noah Alexander walker, from Atlanta, Georgia, was hiding in a den Hilarious clip shows moment mother Blair Walker finds him in a kitchen cabinet He looks frustrated at the intrusion as he continues to eat snacks and … Read more

M1 lorry raid: £5m Apple products stolen as thieves tie up driver

Thieves steal £5million of Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and watches after hijacking lorry as it left M1 before tying up driver and security guard who was escorting vehicle Thieves targeted lorry driver on the M1 in Northamptonshire last Tuesday night  Robbers stole the lorry and drove it to Eldon Close in Crick to transfer … Read more

Apple Macs with silicon chips with Arm processors unveiled today

Apple is expected to unveil the first Mac computers powered by its own custom Arm-based processor at its ‘One More Thing’ event tonight. The event will be livestreamed from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California from 18:00 GMT (13:00 ET) on Tuesday, November 10. This marks the first time in the Mac’s 36-year history that … Read more