Prosecutors launch criminal probe into dementia sufferer’s arrest

Karen Garner (pictured in a photograph taken several years ago) is  five feet tall and weighs 80 pounds and suffers from dementia State prosecutors are launching a criminal investigation into an incident in which a Colorado cop was caught on video pushing a 73-year-old woman with dementia to the ground, fracturing her arm. The announcement … Read more

Terrified dementia sufferer, 73, aggressively arrested by cops in Colorado

Terrified dementia sufferer, 73, wails ‘I’m going home’ as police officer SNAPS her shoulder while arresting her for leaving Walmart without paying for $13.38 of groceries Karen Garner, 73, walked out of a Loveland Walmart last June without paying for $13.38 worth of items Officers subsequently caught up with her while she was walking back … Read more

Family booted off Southwest flight after 2-year-old cant keep facemask on catches flight with friend

A family kicked off a Southwest flight after their two-year-old could not keep his face mask on turned to Facebook to complain and were offered a private flight by a family friend. Erik Harvey, his wife Michelle and two-year-old son Jackson ended up with a free ride to their Austin, Texas destination after pilot James … Read more

Man downs a drink moments before he was arrested after allegedly stealing a vehicle from Barragup

The VERY astonishing choice a driver who sparked a dramatic car chase made in front of armed police officers before being arrested A man was arrested and charged after allegedly stealing a car near Perth   He later abandoned the vehicle after a police chase through several streets   The man was captured on aerial vision downing a drink after … Read more

More than 74 MILLION Americans are living in areas of drought – and experts warn it could worsen

More than 74 MILLION Americans are living in areas of drought with Arizona and California experiencing ‘exceptional’ levels – and experts warn it could worsen and expand Approximately 44% of the  US in experiencing some level of drought  Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California are ‘severe to exceptional’ These stats had experiencing major droughts in 2020 … Read more

Police respond to active shooter at Colorado supermarket 

BREAKING NEWS: Police respond to active shooter at a Colorado supermarket Authorities are responding to active shooter situation at a Boulder supermarket Police warned local residents to ‘avoid the area’ of the King Soopers store  The King Soopers supermarket is a brand of Kroger in the Rocky Mountain area The store where the incident is … Read more

Colorado residents spot BROWN snow during winter storm that is actually dust particles from Mexico

Winter Storm Xylia dropped nearly three feet of snow in Colorado over the weekend, but some of the powder had a brown hue instead of completely white. The National Weather Service (NWS) revealed the discolored snow is actually dust particles that traveled up from Mexico, which is currently experiencing a sever-to-extreme drought. Strong winds travelling … Read more

Sun 1, NHL 0: Outdoor hockey game is delayed EIGHT hours at Lake Tahoe due to melting ice

The NHL got a valuable science lesson along the shores of Lake Tahoe on Saturday as its annual outdoor extravaganza was nearly ruined by the midday sun, resulting in poor ice conditions, unhappy players, and an eight-hour delay. ‘The NHL not understanding how the Sun works is so on point,’ tweeted Barstool Sports podcast host … Read more