Saudi Arabia becomes the 16th nation to BAN travellers from China entering the country

Saudi Arabia has become the 16th nation to ban travellers from coronavirus-hit China from entering the country – piling pressure on the UK to ramp up its security. The kingdom has also barred its own citizens from going to mainland China and suggested it would tear up the passports of anyone who defied the ban.  Saudi … Read more

Man caught the killer coronavirus within 15 SECONDS of standing next to an infected woman

A Chinese man has caught the killer coronavirus within just 15 seconds of standing next to an infected woman at a market. The unidentified 56-year-old, known only as ‘patient five’, stood close to ‘patient two’ – a 61-year-old carrier of the deadly SARS-like infection. Jiangbei Health Commission, the man’s local authority, revealed neither patient wore … Read more

Wisconsin reports first coronavirus case, bringing US total to TWELVE 

BREAKING: Wisconsin reports first coronavirus case, bringing US total to TWELVE Wisconsin has confirmed its first patient with coronavirus  The person of unidentified age and gender visited mainland China within the last two weeks  As of Wednesday there are 12 cases of the deadly virus that’s spread from Wuhan, China  By Natalie Rahhal Acting Us … Read more

Coronavirus: 7000 held on Italian cruise ship as passengers tested

Chaos erupted in the Italian city of Civitavecchia on Thursday as the port’s captain tried to release 1,000 passengers from a cruise ship suspected of carrying coronavirus – only to be slapped down by the city’s mayor. The Costa Smeralda ship – carrying 7,000 people including some Britons – has been in lockdown at Civitavecchia since … Read more

20 US airports will now screen for coronavirus

US health officials say that 20 airports across the country will now screen for the deadly coronavirus that has spread from China. Five airports in California, Georgia, Illinois and New York are already screening travelers, but authorities from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … Read more

What you really need to know about coronavirus from a doctor

Doctor breaks down what you REALLY need to know about coronavirus – and insists people ‘don’t need to panic’ Dr Preeya Alexander, based in Victoria, goes by The Wholesome Doctor online The mother-of-two said despite the media hysteria it’s milder than SARS There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment plan, just isolating patients Around the … Read more

‘Too early’ to declare China coronavirus international emergency

World Health Organization officials think it’s ‘too early’ to call the coronavirus outbreak an international emergency, they said in Thursday press conference.  Their long-awaited decision comes as the SARS-like virus continues to spread, killing 17 in Wuhan, one in a second province in China and sickened over 600 globally is a public health emergency of … Read more