Trump will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to Congress

Trump’s lawyer says he will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to House Democrats The Justice Department ordered Treasury to turn over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee  ‘The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons … Read more

James Carville says the Democratic Party pays a ‘political price’ for the ‘noisy identity left’

A strategist has hit out at the ‘noisy identity left’ Democratic minority for being too interested in ‘somebody else’s pronouns’ rather than focusing on improving lives. James Carville said the Democrats pay a ‘terrible political price’ for the actions of the left-wing minority, which he claimed only makes up around 15 per cent of the … Read more

Homeland Security Secretary will tour Texas migrant facility Friday

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit a Texas border facility on Friday, after a House Democratic critic of the administration’s immigration policies complained that child immigrants were being moved ‘from one tent to the other tent.’ Mayorkas will tour the Donna, Texas processing facility, KVEO-TV reported. While there, Mayorkas will get updates on unaccompanied children … Read more

‘Wokeness is a problem’ that could cost the Democrats in future elections: James Carville

It’s the wokeness, stupid! James Carville who helped engineer Bill Clinton’s 1992 win warns Democrats to drop ‘faculty lounge’ hectoring and start speaking like normal people Political strategist James Carville warns Democrats that ‘wokeness is a problem’ that could cost the party elections in the coming years in a interview He said it’s part … Read more

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on official website and Twitter

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on its official website and Twitter page in nod to VP amid President Biden’s ‘expectation’ he will seek reelection The White House uses the phrase on its web site and on social media Biden has said Harris is the ‘last voice in the room’ on decisions  He said Thursday … Read more

Blue for Biden! Sunrise switches to the Democratic colours for inauguration day

Blue for Biden! Sunrise switches to the Democratic colours for inauguration day as Donald Trump departs the White House for the last time By Nicole Douglas For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:58 GMT, 20 January 2021 | Updated: 22:58 GMT, 20 January 2021 Channel Seven breakfast show Sunrise changed its colour scheme on Thursday to blue … Read more

Hillary Clinton celebrates first woman VP Kamala Harris in tweet

‘What feels historical today… will seem obvious to her grandnieces growing up’: Hillary Clinton celebrates Kamala Harris becoming the first woman VP in heartfelt tweet on Inauguration Day Hillary Clinton congratulated Kamala Harris on becoming the first woman VP ahead of the inauguration Wednesday  ‘It delights me to think that what feels historical and amazing … Read more

Top Democrat Hakeem Jeffries says Trump impeachment ‘on the table’

The invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters has reignited Democratic impeachment efforts, with the clock ticking on Trump’s last two weeks in office.  Three ‘squad’ members called for Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday – and a key Democratic leader didn’t rule out the idea. ‘Impeach,’ wrote Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).  ‘When I say all options … Read more

AOC refuses to rule out launching a primary run against Chuck Schumer for his New York Senate seat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still won’t say if she plans to launch a bid against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer when he runs for reelection as New York senator in 2022 – claiming she is ‘indecisive’ and still trying to figure out her role within the Democratic Party and Washington politics. ‘I’m a no bulls**t kind of … Read more

US Election 2020: Kellyanne Conway admits Joe Biden beat Trump

Kellyanne Conway on Friday acknowledged Joe Biden won the presidential election and said she would work with his administration if they needed her. She is one of the most prominent Donald Trump supporters to acquiesce his rival’s victory and her tactic admission comes as the president continues his legal fight to overturn the results.   ‘The … Read more

US Election 2020: Close Donald Trump ally tells him to give up fight

Donald Trump’s closest Wall Street ally Blackstone billionaire Steve Schwarzman tells president to give up doomed legal fight and says ‘country should move on’ Steve Schwarzman, the billionaire businessman who’s been a long time supporter of Donald Trump’s, now says the election is over In the aftermath of the contest, Schwarzman said President Trump had … Read more

US Election 2020: Trump says ‘big voter fraud info’ due on Georgia

President Donald Trump continued with claims of election fraud on Saturday morning as he alleged ‘big voter fraud information’ had been discovered in Georgia.  ‘Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!’ Trump tweeted.  Biden was declared the winner in Georgia after a hand recount this week and Trump’s previous claims of fraud … Read more