Elon Musk stole our badge, says Scottish football club

Elon Musk stole our badge, says Scottish football club Incredible likeness between minnows’ badge and SpaceX logo Now team tells billionaire Musk: Give it back! By Darren Mcconachie For Scottish Daily Mail Published: 18:05 BST, 15 September 2023 | Updated: 22:55 BST, 15 September 2023 They are worlds apart when it comes to fame and … Read more

How infuriating! KLM lose Edinburgh Fringe comic Michelle Brasier’s bags – then her tracker shows luggage has arrived at Scottish airport… and the airline STILL don’t find them

No laughing matter! Airline loses Edinburgh Fringe comic Michelle Brasier’s bags and airport staff STILL refuse to look for them – even though a tracker says they are just 50 yards away Michelle Brasier said AirTags showed her bags were 50 metres away from her  By Elena Salvoni Published: 02:01 BST, 2 August 2023 | … Read more

SNP police in hunt for phone chips: Cops probing fraud claims hunt for sim cards

Police probing SNP fraud claims are hunting for phone SIM cards, the MoS can reveal. It is the latest twist in the probe into £600,000 of possible ‘missing’ SNP funds. SIM cards hold a record of texts and calls made, and police believe they would help them build a picture in relation to the ‘missing’ … Read more

Trains cost up to 239% more than FLYING, figures reveal, as families prepare for Easter getaways

It’s not fare! Taking the train across Britain costs up to 239% more than FLYING, shock figures reveal, just as families prepare for the much-awaited Easter getaway Which? research said rail fares up to 239% higher for return compared to flying They say cheap flights promoted by government at odds with net zero pledges By … Read more

Man, 28, ‘acting suspiciously’ near official residence of Scotland’s First Minister is arrested

Man, 28, seen ‘acting suspiciously’ near the official residence of Scotland’s First Minister is arrested after police swoop Police called to Charlotte Square, near residence of Scotland’s First Minister A 28-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident, police said By Chris Matthews For Mailonline Published: 00:03 BST, 2 April 2023 | Updated: 00:10 … Read more

Woman who painted front door pink in Edinburgh is ordered to change its colour

Mother-of-two, 48, loses battle with officials after painting the front door of her Georgian home pink – and must now change it to ‘an appropriate dark and muted colour’ Miranda Dickson, 48, of Edinburgh, faces a £20,000 fine if door isn’t re-painted  She was told the door was ‘not in keeping with the historic character’ … Read more

Woman’s dream £8,000 break is ruined after BA sends her baggage to wrong airport

‘All I want for Xmas… is my LUGGAGE’: Woman’s dream £8,000 break for her 60th birthday is ruined after BA sends her baggage to wrong airport… then tells her to travel 326 MILES to get it Susan Dempster and friend Hilda McDougall’s flight to Glasgow was cancelled Their suitcases were missing after they took an … Read more

Jeremy Hunt unveils plan to boost City by loosening credit crunch rules

Post-Brexit ‘big bang’ for the City: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveils plan to slash EU red tape and loosen credit crunch capital rules to unlock £100bn of investment Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has unveiled measures to boost the UK financial sector ‘Edinburgh reforms’ will cut EU red tape and loosen some credit crunch era rules Mr Hunt … Read more

Deliveroo apologises after noodles are splattered on doorstep after falling from ripped paper bag

Deliveroo apologises after customer’s noodles order is splattered across her doorstep after falling out of ripped paper bag Customer Lauren Gray placed an order from Dr Noodles in Edinburgh  When she arrived home after work she found the noodles spilt on her doorstep Deliveroo apologised to Ms Gray and refunded her for the ruined meal … Read more

Private school head expresses concerns over claims Oxbridge assessment ‘favour’ state sector pupils

Head of Britain’s private schools says ‘alarm bells should be ringing’ over claims Oxbridge universities’ assessment methods now ‘favour’ state sector pupils The head of Britain’s private schools has criticised Oxford and Cambridge unis  Melvyn Roffe has concerns that new assessment methods ‘favour’ state pupils He was referring to Oxbridge ‘contexualising’ pupil’s GCSE grades  By … Read more

Student union BANS white students from Black History Month events

Student union BANS white students from attending Black History Month events – sparking accusations of racial segregation University of Westminster’s student union reserved events for black students Union received backlash for the ‘tragic’ move made during Black History Month  Leader of the Free Speech Union Toby Young said it was a ‘glaring contradiction’ Meanwhile an … Read more

Queen, 96, joins Prince Charles to watch a military parade at Holyroodhouse

The Queen looked ecstatic in an elegant blue ensemble as she appeared alongside the Prince of Wales for a military parade at the Palace of Holyroodhouse today. In the gardens of the Edinburgh residence, more than 300 officers and archers from the Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland took part in the Reddendo parade, watched by Her Majesty, 96, … Read more

Self-driving vehicle will take to the roads for trial on famous Forth bridge

First driverless bus goes Forth! Self-driving vehicle will take to the roads for trial on famous bridge Stagecoach is starting on-road trials of autonomous buses from this summer The five single-decker buses will operate over the Forth Bridge in Scotland The vehicles can carry 36 passengers for the 14-mile route between Fife and Edinburgh  By … Read more