Tony Blair, Macron and Keir Starmer’s ‘secret plans to reverse Brexit’: How ex-PM brokered Labour leader’s EU love-in – on the day the bloc unveiled plans for Britain to ‘rejoin’ as an ‘associate member’

Tony Blair helped broker Keir Starmer‘s meeting with Emmanuel Macron yesterday as part of secret plans to ‘reverse Brexit‘, it emerged last night. A Whitehall source said the former prime minister had used his extensive EU contacts book to arrange the meeting on a day when the bloc released plans that could see Britain effectively … Read more

King Charles to become first British royal to address the French senate as Emmanuel Macron rolls out the red carpet for his rescheduled state visit later this month

The King will become the first British royal in history to address the French senate later this month as part of new Anglo-French charm offensive, including a glittering state banquet in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. President Macron is rolling out the red carpet for King Charles’s re-scheduled state visit after his inaugural trip … Read more

Macron ‘will REFUSE to take back migrants who land in Britain on small boats’

Emmanuel Macron is expected to refuse Rishi Sunak’s demands that Britain be allowed to return migrants who cross the Channel in small boats back to France at today’s summit in Paris. Britain hopes to secure his active support at the summit for a long-term deal, similar to the EU’s existing ‘Dublin’ rules, to return illegal … Read more

Tough new laws to tackle small boats crossing the Channel set to be unveiled

Tough new laws to tackle small boats crossing the Channel are set to be unveiled as Rishi Sunak seeks to capitalise on Brexit breakthrough ‘momentum’ The provisionally titled Illegal Migration Bill will combat the arrivals to the UK  Home Secretary Suella Braverman will spend the weekend finalising details  By David Barrett Home Affairs Editor For … Read more

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak branded a ‘friend of France’ ahead of meeting with Emmanuel Macron

Entente cordial as Rishi Sunak heads to Paris: PM is branded a ‘friend of France’ ahead of meeting with Emmanuel Macron that will see illegal Channel crossings discussed as a ‘priority’ Summit will focus on co-operation to curb illegal migration across the Channel  Relations improved since PM agreed a Brexit deal for Northern Ireland with … Read more

Biden says he is willing to talk to Putin – but won’t do it alone

Biden says he is willing to talk to Putin – but won’t do it alone: President wants backing from NATO allies before he opens communications – and insists there is no way Russia can win in Ukraine Biden said he was open to meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin  But he said it must be with … Read more

Anthony Albanese selfie with French President Emmanuel Macron

Excusez moi! Anthony Albanese attempts to smooth things over with French leader Emmanuel Macron with a cheeky selfie at the G20 – after Australia torpedoed $5b submarine deal Anthony Albanese in selfie amid Australia’s strained relationship with France Prime Minister met with French President Emmanuel Macron at G20 summit The former coalition government dumped French … Read more

Suella Braverman says many Albanians are making ‘spurious’ claims to be ‘modern slaves’

MAIL ON SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE: ‘This abuse of our system has to stop’: Suella Braverman accuses many Albanians of making ‘spurious’ claims to be ‘modern slaves’ – as Britain is set to agree deal with France to tackle illegal immigration Rishi Sunak asked his Home Secretary to sign deal with the French  The PM will meet … Read more

EU welcomes Liz Truss following her Tory leadership triumph

EU welcomes Liz Truss following her Tory leadership triumph… but vows to stand firm over Northern Ireland Ursula von der Leyen will not compromise on the Northern Ireland protocol Emmanuel Macron said: ‘We are ready to work together as allies and friends’ Latvian premier Krisjanis Karins said he values the UK’s stance on Ukraine By … Read more

Anthony Albanese fires up at his trip to Ukraine being compared with Scott Morrison:

Anthony Albanese has blasted critics who have questioned his series of overseas trips after he was branded ‘Airbus Albo’ for spending one-third of his time in power overseas since winning the election. He returned on Monday from a nine-day trip to Europe where he was invited to the NATO summit followed by meetings with French President … Read more

‘I wanted to go play ice hockey’: Putin dismissive with Macron in footage talks before invasion  

Vladimir Putin told Emmanuel Macron that he would rather play ice hockey than meet Joe Biden in a last-ditch call to avert the invasion of Ukraine in February. The flippant remark came on February 20 at the end of call which saw the French leader made what turned out to be a fruitless attempt to stop … Read more

Macron tells Ukraine to negotiate with Putin days after saying Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ 

Macron tells Ukraine it will have to negotiate with Putin to end the war days after angering Kyiv by suggesting Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ Emmanuel Macron said in Romania Ukraine ‘will have to negotiate’ with Russia He said he will ‘do everything to stop Russia’ as he pushes for peace talks Macron has been … Read more