Boris Johnson warns UK will do ‘whatever is necessary’ to protect its fleet amid row with France

Boris Johnson tonight demanded that Emmanuel Macron rein in his ministers stoking tensions over fishing rights – and warned that the UK ‘stands ready’ to respond if Paris escalates the situation. The PM fired a shot across Mr Macron’s bows ahead of a meeting between the pair on Sunday – despite insisting that the cross-Channel … Read more

O2 brings back roaming charges for Britons travelling to the EU

O2 brings back roaming charges for Britons travelling to the EU with £3.50 bill for every gigabyte used over 25GB Latest fallout from Brexit deal, which asked networks to have ‘fair rates’ for users Ministers at the time said they would not prevent the reintroduction of charges O2 announced change Wednesday and said it would … Read more

Boris Johnson and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison ‘agree trade deal between the two countries’

Boris Johnson and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison ‘agree trade deal between the two countries during Downing Street dinner’ – the first negotiated from scratch post-Brexit Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed trade deal Two leaders have agreed broad terms of pact over dinner in Downing Street  could be first trade deal negotiated … Read more

Elton John declares musicians are facing a ‘looming catastrophe’ due to Brexit travel restrictions

Sir Elton John has said musicians are facing a ‘looming catastrophe’ because of post-Brexit travel restrictions on touring in the European Union. New travel rules came into force at the beginning of the year that do not guarantee visa-free travel for musicians in the EU.  The Rocketman hitmaker, 74, revealed that last month he met … Read more

Gordon Sondland sues Mike Pompeo after State Department didn’t cover impeachment lawyers

Trump impeachment witness Gordon Sondland sues Mike Pompeo for $1.8million to cover the legal fees he spent when he testified about the Ukrainian investigation into Hunter Biden Former Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland is suing ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for $1.8 million  Sondland is suing Pompeo claiming the State Department said the … Read more

UK agrees to grant full diplomatic status to EU ambassador after lengthy post-Brexit dispute

Britain FINALLY agrees to grant full diplomatic status to the EU’s ambassador in London after fears the post-Brexit row would poison the UK’s relations with Brussels UK and EU agreed Brussels’ ambassador in London will get full diplomatic status Agreement made during meeting between Dominic Raab and EU’s Josep Borrell Agreement should resolve long-running Brexit … Read more

French fishermen blockade lorries carrying UK fish amid fury over ‘sham’ Brexit fishing deal 

More than a hundred French fishermen blocked trucks carrying fish from the UK on Thursday night, in a protest against a Brexit fishing deal they have dismissed as ‘a sham’.  Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union allowed the bloc’s fishermen to keep fishing deep into British waters, but only once they had received a license. … Read more

David Davis reveals his ‘cold blooded’ resignation to force Theresa May out as Prime Minister

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis reveals his 2018 resignation was a ‘cold blooded’ decision to force Theresa May out as Prime Minister David Davis said his decision to quit Theresa May’s government was ‘strategic’  The former Conservative party chairman said he made the move to oust Theresa May when she stopped listening to him over … Read more

Extraordinary reason ‘haloumi’ cheese could be BANNED from Australia

Extraordinary reason haloumi cheese could be BANNED in Australia – costing local dairy farmers tens of millions Haloumi cheese to become very rare in Australian supermarkets under new rule  Australia is currently negotiating a valuable Free Trade Agreement with the EU  The EU is demanding certain names of products to only be produced in Europe  … Read more

Joe Biden attends mass, holds virtual meeting with Irish prime minister for St. Patrick’s Day

Biden starts St. Patrick’s Day with mass ahead of virtual meeting with Irish Taioseach where he will reiterate US support for Good Friday Accords President Joe Biden started his St. Patrick’s Day with mass in Wilmington He will hold virtual meeting with Irish Taioseach Micheál Martin at White House Biden will reiterate U.S. support for the … Read more

Derbyshire cheese maker loses 20% of its business due to Brexit

Derbyshire Stilton dairy stops exporting to EU because £180 paperwork is needed for each order but says US sales are booming Hartington Creamery in Derbyshire lost 20 per cent of its online business  Simon Spurrell said customers on average spend £30 on deliveries of cheese  Under post-Brexit trading rules, each EU package needs £180 of … Read more