A simple road rule quiz about merging sparked a passionate debate between Queensland motorists

Australian drivers are left baffled by a simple road rule quiz about merging – so which car needs to give way? A simple road rule question about merging posted by RACQ left drivers baffled The question asked which vehicle had to give way in scenario A and scenario B Scenario A showed a blue vehicle … Read more

Couple order motorist who parked on their drive to pay £100 to have the car released

A couple have been slammed as ‘morally bankrupt’ after ‘impounding’ a car mistakenly parked on their driveway and demanding the owner cough up £100 to release it – but the police say it is perfectly ‘legal’.  Barry Newton and his girlfriend Zoe Hameston were baffled when they found the blue Peugeot parked at their home … Read more

Ethiopian orphan reunited with first toy received on being adopted by US couple a year after lost it

An Ethiopian orphan has been reunited with the first toy she ever owned a year after losing it during a hike thanks to a very lucky coincidence.  Naomi Pascal, six, was adopted from an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2016 and now lives in Jackson, Wyoming, with her parents Benjamin, 44, and Adeline Pascal, … Read more

The Project hosts mock Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over viral video

‘So out of touch he surfs above the water’: The Project hosts mock Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over viral video of him hydrofoiling while holding an American flag By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 14:01 BST, 5 July 2021 | Updated: 14:11 BST, 5 July 2021 Mark Zuckerberg has gone viral over a video … Read more

Darlington Tory councillor facing misconduct hearing for sharing Facebook meme about slavery

Tory councillor who shared Facebook meme saying ‘white slaves were sold for centuries’ is facing misconduct probe Pauline Culley broke Darlington Borough Council’s code of conduct last year The councillor since 2014 shared a meme that read ‘white slaves were sold’ Opposition councillors said meme suggested black suffering was insignificant  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more

Police launch search for missing walker, 25, who vanished after she took selfie at top of Ben Nevis

Police launch search for missing walker, 25, who vanished after she took selfie at the top of Ben Nevis at 5am Walker Sarah Buick, 24, is missing after climbing Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands  She took a selfie at the summit of the 1,345 metre mountain at 5am on Tuesday  Police Scotland has issued an urgent … Read more

Giant cloud that looked like enormous tsunami seen across Wales

Surf’s up! Giant cloud that looks like an enormous tsunami hurtling towards homes is seen across Wales leaving onlookers baffled The bizarre cloud formation was spotted towering thousands of feet high above Wales including Llandudno Resident Maria Taylor took to Facebook to share photos of the sweeping cloud bank at the West Shore The formation is … Read more

Facebook to reduce ALL political content in US news feeds

Facebook will scale back ALL political content in US news feeds – including posts from family and friends – in coming weeks to ‘turn down the temperature’ Facebook will start scaling back all political content in its News Feed for some users over the next few months  The company said on Wednesday it would temporarily … Read more

Pauline Hanson slams Kamala Harris election ad on Facebook

‘It’ll lead to poverty and pain’: Pauline Hanson weighs in on the US election as she accuses vice-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris of spouting ‘feel-good socialist nonsense’ Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris posted a video about equal outcomes The communist principle is the idea that everyone has the same material wealth  In a post on her … Read more