Policeman in jail for drugs racket gets extra year for TV scam

A Breaking Bad-style police officer who masterminded a drugs racket has been given an extra year in jail for a pirate TV set-top box scam that cost pay channels up to £5million. PC Daniel Aimson, 39, used his scam to live a lavish lifestyle with wife Rachel, 31, including eating £500 meals in Michelin star … Read more

Facebook staff disagree publicly over refusal to censor Trump

Dozens of Facebook employees have staged a walkout and senior Facebook employees have publicly criticized their boss Mark Zuckerberg over his decision not to take down incendiary posts by Donald Trump. The employees, who took the day off by logging into Facebook’s systems and requesting time off to support protesters across the country, also added … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook left up Trump’s controversial ‘looting and shooting’ post

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed why Facebook chose to keep President Trump’s controversial ‘looting leads to shooting’ post up on its site despite Twitter hiding the same update because it ‘glorified violence’.  In a status update shared Friday night, Zuckerberg said that the Commander-in-chief’s post included a reference to the National Guard and Facebook users therefore … Read more

‘Aggressive’ shopper who left carer in tears is an ICU nurse on coronavirus frontline

The woman who prompted online outrage for reprimanding a carer for wearing her uniform and ’spreading germs’ is a nurse who works on the corona virus frontline and says she would do the same thing again, MailOnline can reveal. Marina Kendrick, 53, told friends that she had been enforcing the ‘nursing code’ and could not … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Shopper accuses carer of ‘spreading germs’

A care worker was left in tears after an ‘aggressive’ shopper accused her of ‘spreading germs’ by wearing her uniform in a shop amid the coronavirus crisis.  Kimberley Simpson, from Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire, claimed a fellow customer followed her through the B&M store for ten minutes ‘shouting’ that she shouldn’t be allowed inside. In a … Read more

Instagram is removing coronavirus-related content not shared by health organizations

What is the coronavirus?  A coronavirus is a type of virus which can cause illness in animals and people. Viruses break into cells inside their host and use them to reproduce itself and disrupt the body’s normal functions. Coronaviruses are named after the Latin word ‘corona’, which means crown, because they are encased by a … Read more

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg responds to ‘control freak’ claims

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg says boss Mark Zuckerberg is misunderstood – as she hits back at claims she’s a control freak obsessed with her public image Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has defended herself against claims she is a control freak obsessed with her public image  She admitted she was a ‘tough boss’ during an interview for NBC … Read more

267 million Facebook users IDs exposed in unsecured database 

Personal information belonging to more than 267 million Facebook users has been exposed in an unsecured database on the dark web, it has emerged.   The Facebook IDs, phone numbers and full names of 267,140,436 users, most residing in the US, were discovered in the database by cybersecurity firm Comparitech and researcher Bob Diachenko, according to … Read more

Facebook extends ‘Crisis Response’ feature to WhatApp for users with poor connectivity

Facebook has extended its Crisis Response tools to WhatsApp, allowing those with poor connectivity to alert friends and family of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Previously, users could only request or offer help during a disaster via Facebook and its Messenger app. Also part of the rollout is an expansion of Facebook’s disaster maps, … Read more

Facebook has new legal provisions

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