Autistic people should be able to diagnose THEMSELVES in some cases top expert says 

People who believe they are autistic should be able to ‘self-identify’ as such – in some cases without a doctor’s diagnosis, according to a leading expert. Recent documentaries by autistic BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham, and openness from high-profile celebrities with autism, like billionaire Elon Musk and TV personality Melanie Sykes, have increased awareness of … Read more

Real-life cupid! February-born baby has a perfect heart-shaped birth mark on her tummy 

It’s perhaps the most fitting symbol a February born-baby could ever have. So it’s no surprise that midwives couldn’t believe their eyes when Jorgia Welch was delivered with a heart-shaped birth mark. It sat on the left side of her tummy, in line with her belly button.  Medics told 37-year-old mother Jayne and her partner … Read more

Oprah, Michelle, Naomi Watts… Celebs talk about everything you need to know about menopause

Everything you need to know about menopause – and a few things you’ll wish you didn’t: KAYLA BRANTLEY’s video guide to how to cope with the change – and stories from celebs including Oprah, Michelle Obama and Naomi Watts By Kayla Brantley, Reporter-at-large For Dailymail.Com and Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Published: 13:04 … Read more

Ex-minister Chloe Smith and MPs back demands for councils to teach deaf children sign language free

Former Cabinet Minister Chloe Smith has hit out at local councils that are refusing to fund sign language lessons for deaf children. It comes after The Mail on Sunday revealed that some parents are being forced to shell out £20,000 or more to learn how to communicate with their child. The former Work and Pensions … Read more

Deaf child’s mother told to quit her job to teach him sign language after council denies funding

Councils are failing to teach sign language to deaf children and leaving them unable to fully communicate with their families and teachers, charities have warned. All deaf children in the UK are offered NHS cochlear implants – electronic devices that can help them to hear. However, in 30 per cent of cases the implants provide only … Read more

A cure for baldness? Scientists CREATE hair in the lab

Scientists have generated hair follicles in petri dishes using embryonic skin cells from mice, in a potential breakthrough for fighting hair loss.  The team from Yokohama National University, in Japan, did so by controlling the spatial arrangement of two types of cells, epithelial and mesenchymal. Epithelial cells are a type of cell that covers the … Read more

Scotland wants to pinch English GPs! Nicola Sturgeon’s government launches advertising blitz

Scotland will attempt to lure GPs across the border from England, it was revealed today. Family doctors will be incentivised to swap their surgery for one north of the border as part of a massive recruitment drive. Scotland wants to boost its family doctor numbers by 15 per cent over the next five years by … Read more

Patients made 4.7million trips to A&E because they couldn’t get advice or treatment from their GP

Patients made 4.7million trips to A&E because they couldn’t get advice or treatment from their GP, UK’s health watchdog suggests Up to 4.7 million A&E visits may have been due to people not seeing their GP Almost one in five patients resorted to A&E as they couldn’t get advice Meanwhile, one third also said there … Read more

Is your mother-in-law a nightmare? It’s NOT your fault

Having a strained relationship with your mother-in-law might not be your fault — it may actually be down to evolution, research suggests.   Psychologists quizzed 100 people on their relationships with their parents, children and in-laws.  Men and women were more likely to report poorer relationships with their mother-in-law, results showed. Experts said it may be … Read more

Experts quit fertility show over ‘dubious therapies’

Experts quit fertility show over ‘dubious therapies’ and criticism of ‘exorbitant’ products offered to couples Society has said it will no longer attend the Fertility Show in London because of concerns over ‘non-medical treatments’ The Progress Educational Trust, which continues to attend the show, said it would warn people to be wary of products and … Read more