Rod Stewart stuns sleepy Vermont town as he strolls into thrift store wearing leather pants and $1,000 boots with wife Penny Lancaster

Sir Rod caused quite a stir in the small town of Vergennes, Vermont, on Thursday in his alligator boots and leather pants – causing one woman to slip her boss a note: ‘Is he a rock star?’

The ten countries that have seen house prices rocket in a decade

The countries where property prices have rocketed the most over the past ten years have been revealed – and by how much house price inflation has outpaced wages to squeeze buyers.  Those fed up with Britain’s sky-high house prices that can make moving home unaffordable may be surprised to find the UK only coming in … Read more

Most money spent on homes in last 12 months since the financial crisis

The £275bn home buying spree: More money was spent buying property in England and Wales in the past year than in any since the financial crisis The last time spending on housing was so high was in November 2007  March saw highest monthly spend since 1995, beating the record by £8billion Higher house prices have … Read more

White House website notes '2020 marks the final holiday season for the Trump White House' 

White House has admitted to President Donald Trump’s defeat in the most unexpected way, noting on its website for Christmas tours that ‘2020 marks the final holiday season for the Trump White House.’