I’m a female solo traveller and I went backpacking around Asia and Europe – these are the biggest mistakes I made

A solo traveller has revealed the six biggest mistakes she made when backpacking around south east Asia and Europe. TikToker Rory Hollier shared her do’s and don’ts on booking hotels, spending cash and which hostels to avoid, in the video seen by 155,000 people. She regularly makes videos where she shares helpful tips and tricks for solo … Read more

Boat from Indonesia lands in Australia undetected: At least a dozen people are saved as vessel arrived on Western Australian coast

Boat from Indonesia arrived in Australia At least a dozen were onboard  By Freddy Pawle For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:28 GMT, 23 November 2023 | Updated: 06:02 GMT, 23 November 2023 A boat carrying at least a dozen people from Indonesia arrived undetected in Australia. The crew are understood to have been saved by … Read more

Travellers race to a tiny fishing village called Labuan Bajo in Indonesia that looks like Santorini

Travellers race to a tiny fishing village that looks straight out of Santorini – but you’ll never guess how close it is to Australia Travellers are flocking to a tiny fishing town called Labuan Bajo in Indonesia The Loccal Collection Hotel looks like it could be based in Santorini, Greece There are white stone walls … Read more

Rishi Sunak stands by Dominic Raab as PM rejects ‘characterisation’ of his deputy as a ‘bully’

Rishi Sunak stood by Dominic Raab today as the Prime Minister rejected the characterisation of his deputy as a ‘bully’. The PM insisted he was not aware of any ‘formal complaint’ about Mr Raab’s behaviour following a string of allegations against the top Cabinet minister. Mr Sunak, speaking at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, … Read more

Biden says he’s sure Chinese President Xi at the G20 meeting in Bali

Biden says he’s ‘sure’ he will see Chinese President Xi at the G20 meeting in Bali in November if he attends – but won’t commit to a meeting – amid simmering tensions between Beijing and Washington The G20 meets in November in Bali, Indonesia White House has yet to officially confirm Biden will attend  Biden … Read more

Oldest known cave art on Earth threatened by climate change, scientists report 

Climate change isn’t just threatening our future: It’s causing some of the oldest known artwork to decay at an exponential rate. Cave paintings in Indonesia that date to 44,000 years ago are being threatened by increased salt crystals forming due to rising temperatures and longer dry spells, according to new research. The crystals weaken the … Read more

Western Australia veteran rejected from 237 jobs in 17 months despite lifetime of experience

Sad reason a hardworking Aussie bloke was rejected from 237 jobs – despite serving ten years in the Navy, working for top finance firms and speaking THREE languages Nicolas Winterson, 53, rejected from 237 jobs after applying for 17 months The father served in the Australian Navy and worked senior investigation roles He has applied … Read more

Christian and non-Muslim women in Indonesia are being forced to wear the hijab, report warns 

Christian and non-Muslim women in Indonesia are being forced to wear the hijab, with children bullied and humiliated by schools, a report warned today.  Schools across the vast Muslim majority country of nearly 270 million use ‘a combination of psychological pressure, public humiliation, and sanctions to persuade girls to wear the hijab’, Human Rights Watch … Read more

Corgi shows off his impressive doggy paddle

Corgi shows off his impressive doggy paddle – after struggling to get his little legs over the side of the pool Oliver, a six-year-old Corgi, adorably struggles to scoot his little legs into a pool  Footage was filmed by owner Christell Eve at their home in Jakarta, Indonesia Eventually the persistent pooch manages to shuffle his body in … Read more