Are YOU Gen Z or Millennial? Viral test reveals which generation you REALLY belong to – no matter when you were born – depending on how you take a photo and pick up the phone

A new test that has been circulating the web can determine your generation Based on the gestures you perform, it can determine if you’re Gen Z or millennial  The test was shared on TikTok and it has garnered more than four million views By Kelsi Karruli For Dailymail.Com Published: 20:43 GMT, 6 December 2023 | Updated: … Read more

How to stop ‘smartphone snoopers’: These four iPhone tricks block other users from looking at your messages, photos and notes

By Rob Waugh Tech Correspondent For Dailymail.Com Published: 12:50 GMT, 18 November 2023 | Updated: 12:50 GMT, 18 November 2023 Most people will hesitate to let someone else use their iPhone for fear their friend or family member will snoop through their text messages, notes and photos. Thankfully, Apple has developed four features that act … Read more

iPhone users say Apple’s iOS 17.1.1 update is RUINING their battery life, with reports of charge draining within hours – here’s what to do if your phone is affected

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The tricks thieves use to steal your phone: Moment McDonald’s customer has their mobile stolen in just 10 seconds as police release CCTV to highlight distraction techniques used by conmen

The victim had the device pinched from a branch in Nottingham city centre  The thief distracted her simply by asking her to sign a piece of paper By Emily Davies Published: 10:47 GMT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 11:52 GMT, 2 November 2023 This is the moment a McDonald’s customer has their mobile phone stolen in … Read more

iPhone users say their smartphones are mysteriously turning off in the middle of the night – here’s what to do if your device is affected

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Melbourne university student told to pay taxi driver $100 after leaving iPhone in GM Cabs

Melbourne university student told to pay taxi driver $100 after leaving iPhone in GM Cabs By Peter Vincent For Daily Mail Australia Published: 08:23 BST, 21 September 2023 | Updated: 09:40 BST, 21 September 2023 A university student who left her iPhone in a taxi after a night out ‘bar hopping’ claims the driver demanded … Read more

Apple begins selling adaptors, wires and other gizmos just moments after announcing the iPhone 15 and new AirPods will require a NEW charging cord

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 15 – and the tech giant has not wasted time cashing in on the announcement. Within minutes after the company’s ‘Wonderlust’ event concluded, consumers spotted a new $29 USB-C to Lightning adapter for sale in the Apple Store.  While some praised Apple for the ‘affordable’ price, others are in … Read more

iPhone 15 pro max to cost $3,195 in Australia – more expensive than a MacBook

Apple’s new iPhone 15 models are tipped to be the tech giant’s priciest yet and set Aussies back at least $3,000 for the top end smartphone version which will be the first ever to have two terabytes of storage. Industry insiders report that the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Max 2TB could start from A$3,195. That’s … Read more

The secrets in your iPhone’s spacebar REVEALED: Users go wild for two hacks that help them text faster and cleaner

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British Airways passenger who left Apple AirPods on plane tracks the worker who took them

British Airways passenger leaves his Apple Airpods on plane and now watches them go from London flat to BA offices at Heathrow every day on Find My app A 33-year-old city worker misplaced the wireless headphones on his flight to London Heathrow He reported them missing and used the Find My app to try and … Read more

Melbourne woman recovers stolen Airpods using Apple’s tracking ‘Find My iPhone’ feature; Woolworths

A young woman has captured the moment she confronted a Woolworths worker after going on an extraordinary mission to track down her AirPods. Juliette Fox shared a video on Sunday that showed her speaking to the Melbourne Woolworths shift supervisor about the pair of missing earphones. The dramatic footage showed Ms Fox telling the employee that … Read more

Sebastian Vettel chased thieves through Barcelona on a SCOOTER after his bag was stolen

REVEALED: Sebastian Vettel chased thieves through Barcelona on a SCOOTER after his bag was stolen through his car window, but the F1 star’s belongings remain lost Four-time world champion attempted to track down his stolen possessions According to reports, he used his GPS signal from his AirPods inside his bag  However, he was not able … Read more

Why an iPhone in the wrong pocket could stop your pacemaker working

Why an iPhone in the wrong pocket could stop your pacemaker working: Magnets inside devices are strong enough to disable life-saving heart equipment, researcher say Magnets inside a recent iPhone model strong enough to affect pulse generators Microsoft Surface Pen also has a ‘magnetic influence’ that can run interference  A report in a medical journal … Read more