Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis ADMITS to making false claims about 2020 election

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis ADMITS to making false claims about 2020 election fraud as she is censured in Colorado for trying to overturn Biden’s win Jenna Ellis admitted in Colorado court proceedings that she spewed ‘misrepresentations’ about the outcome of the presidential election She was part of former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election legal team alongside … Read more

Democrats DO think Biden is too old and don’t want him to run in 2024

Democrats are increasingly worried about Joe Biden‘s age – 80 – but are also concerned about Vice President Kamala Harris becoming the nominee in 2024 without any other clear alternative. Biden is already the oldest president in U.S. history, and if he wins another term would be 82 at the time of his second inauguration. … Read more

Now FBI searches University of Delaware for more Biden classified documents

FBI has raided University of Delaware TWICE to probe Biden’s ‘mishandling’ of classified documents – but didn’t find any secret papers there The FBI carried out two searches at the University of Delaware in connection President Biden’s classified documents case. None were found Archives from Biden’s time as a senator and documents sent to the university … Read more

Top Putin ally claims Joe Biden, 80, has ‘progressive dementia’ and could start WW3

Top Putin ally claims Joe Biden, 80, has ‘progressive dementia’ and could start WW3 ‘due to distraction’ in latest online rant Medvedev is Vladimir Putin’s deputy on the Kremlin’s powerful security council The Russian has become known for his sprawling rants on Telegram channel By Will Stewart and Christian Oliver Published: 10:14 GMT, 10 February … Read more

Biden heads to Philadelphia to rally Dems ahead of 2024 campaign

President Joe Biden heads to Philadelphia on Friday to rally the Democratic faithful as his classified documents scandal grows and he faces an intra-party fight over his proposal to change the 2024 primary calendar – to his benefit. He will address a Democratic National Committee meeting as poll numbers out this week show voters are losing … Read more

McCarthy accuses Biden of ‘playing politics’ with debt ceiling, demands sit-down on spending cuts

‘Here’s the leader of the free world, pounding on the table’: Kevin McCarthy accuses Biden of ‘playing politics’ with the debt ceiling and demands sit-down with the White House to talk spending cuts Democrats, who run the White House and Senate, have staked out the position that they are not negotiating on spending cuts to offset … Read more

Even Jimmy Carter found classified docs in his home after leaving office in 1981  

Former President Jimmy Carter once found classified documents in his home, according to a new report, illustrating the long-running nature of the records-control issues now plaguing President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.    Carter found the classified materials at his home in Plains, Georgia, and returned them to the National Archives, a person familiar … Read more

67% of Americans say Biden classified document scandal is a ‘serious problem’

Two-thirds of Americans say Biden taking classified material from White House is a ‘serious problem’: 8 in 10 agree appointment of a special counsel to probe document scandal was the right move Americans across party lines think it was right for AG Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden’s classified documents scandal … Read more

Biden files: Feds weighing ‘whether to seek searches’ of more places after classified records found

U.S. prosecutors are now considering possible searches of other locations linked to President Joe Biden after the Department of Justice (DOJ) found yet more classified files in his possession, it was reported late on Saturday. Federal officials are ‘considering whether to seek searches’ of additional areas after six additional items were found at Biden’s Wilmington … Read more

Trump slams double standards in classified files probe

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday said Joe Biden was getting the ‘white glove treatment’ with an establishment special counsel after classified documents were found in his home. In contrast, he said his case was being handled by a war crimes prosecutor as he slammed the double standard. ‘There are two standards of justice in … Read more

‘Cam-a-la’: Biden flubs pronunciation of VP Kamala’s name

‘Cam-a-la’: Biden stumbles over pronunciation of the Vice President’s name (but at least he didn’t call her President!) President Joe Biden mispronounced his Vice President’s name on Tuesday Referred to VP Kamala Harris as ‘CAM-a’la’ rather than the correct ‘COMMA-la’  Biden has mispronounced Harris’ name before and has called her ‘President’ By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. … Read more

Karine Jean-Pierre dodges more questions on Biden classified documents

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Tuesday she has been ‘forthcoming’ as she was grilled about the classified documents found in Joe Biden‘s possession – but she repeatedly referred questions to other federal entities. She argued the president has been answering questions on the matter – on the same day he sat, smiling in … Read more

Comer targets Biden’s think tank, Chinese donations and which family member had access

House Oversight Chairman James Comer has turned his investigatory powers to the Penn-Biden Center, demanding to know about Chinese donations to the university that funded the think tank and what members of Joe Biden‘s family had access to its office. He asked the University of Pennsylvania to release a list of its Chinese donors, a … Read more