How to turn off Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale spam texts on iPhone and Android phones

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I’m a single mum and this side hustle for the ‘lazy’ will make you an extra $250,000

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Criminologist reveals the top situations where you should always lie to protect yourself

Criminologist reveals the situations where you should always lie to protect yourself – and the one time women are most vulnerable Dannah Eve is a criminologist and psychologist from the US She warned against telling a stranger you are ever alone in public   By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:25 BST, 6 April … Read more

How to avoid being scammed: TikTok star Millie Ford had $1,000 stolen by internet hackers 

Australians are being warned to urgently update passwords and stop saving bank card details in accounts when shopping online.   One of the country’s top TikTok stars Millie Ford, from Sydney, lost $1,000 to hackers who found her personal information and started making unauthorised purchases in her name.  The 26-year-old told FEMAIL she started receiving ‘hundreds … Read more

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How to know whether your supermarket fruit has been sprayed with chemicals

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