Kim Kardashian wants to move on from drama with Kanye

A source recently told People magazine that Kim Kardashian is “very much over the public drama” brought on by her ex, Kanye West. Though tensions have been high between the former pair, Kardashian and West do speak regularly when it comes to co-parenting their four children ages two to eight. “She makes sure that he … Read more

Dog gets free nasi lemak from mak cik’s stall daily

THE Facebook page for My Forever Doggo, a non-profit pet adoption service, recently shared a heartwarming story about Ms. Chonky, a dog who gets free nasi lemak from a mak cik’s stall in Cyberjaya. The cute and round nasi lemak ambassador apparently got that way from eating the nasi lemak everyday. Usually, Ms. Chonky can … Read more

24-year-old loses close to RM16k from fake job advert

TWITTER user Muhammad Afiq Aidil Bin Anuar (@aboiii98) shared a cautionary tale about how he was scammed close to RM16,000 from a fake job advert. The ordeal started on March 14 at 8pm when he was scrolling through his Facebook feed and saw a part-time job advert that promised high remuneration. Like many millennials, of … Read more

Reflection of a space

Have you ever walked into a room and been surprised to see how much bigger the space looked with a good mirror? By reflecting light around the room, mirrors can amp up spaces by providing it with more dimension and depth. Even the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui tells how important mirrors are for … Read more

Something old, something new

The bridal trend for 2022 is called traditional with a twist, with pearl-studded cathedral veil, long sheer gloves, and a colourful bouquet! IF Bridal Fashion Week showed us one thing, it’s that the trends we can expect to see for 2022 will be nothing short of show-stopping, unforgettable, and timeless. Specifically, we’ll be seeing individuality … Read more

G.R.R. Martin gives updates on Game of Thrones prequels

EARLIER this week, American novelist George R.R. Martin gave a substantial update on the Game of Thrones prequels, including revealing their updated titles and showrunners. In addition to that, Martin discussed his progress on his long-awaited novel The Winds of Winter. For the Nymeria series that’s about a legendary Dornish warrior-queen, it’s still titled Ten … Read more

NASA wants to fly your name to the Moon

HAVE you ever dreamed of visiting space? Well, now you can send your name on NASA’s next mission around the moon for free! Later this year, NASA will be launching their Artemis I mission at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, as part of the agency’s commitment to “build a long-term human presence … Read more

Snowfall at Mount Kinabalu amazes climbers

WHO said you have to travel to other countries to see snow? On Feb 28, 154 climbers and guides on Mount Kinabalu experienced a rare snowing phenomenon around the summit. Kinabalu Park deputy director Justinus Guntapid confirmed that climbers and guides experience snowfall along their trail from the Sayat-Sayat trail to the summit at about … Read more

Instagram account goes viral for sharing Malaysians’ salaries anonymously

LAST week, the Instagram account, @malaysianpaygap, went viral, garnering more than 100k followers on Instagram since its inception on Feb 22. The account was started by is Prestine D. (@9hoursofsenses), who wanted to get more people talking about their salaries, and also to help fellow Malaysians find out if they’re underpaid. People are encouraged to … Read more

Council workers find woman’s misplaced jewellery in trash

ON Sunday, Rohaya Ismail, a policewoman in Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, shared a Facebook post talking about of one of the most stressful days of her life, when she accidentally threw away her most prized possession. The 31-year-old lance corporal recounted the unfortunate event of accidentally dropping her gold jewellery collection in the rubbish bin … Read more